Que Corrects the Fake History about the Swahili Peddled by Simon Webb and History Debunked

Que is one of the great commenters on this blog, who is particularly concerned about the fake history being told by Simon Webb over at History Debunked. Webb creates videos attacking the false claims, as he sees them, of Black history. He has attacked the claims that African civilisations were advanced, and founded by Africans themselves rather than outside colonisers, such as Islam and the Arabs. I’ve had a few interesting discussions with Que, particularly about the Swahili civilisation on Africa’s east coast. The Swahili are Muslims, speaking a Bantu language with a considerable admixture of loan words from Arabic. I can remember reading at school that the civilisation was created by Muslim Arab settlers and colonisers, who intermarried with the indigenous Africans. I’ve also come across a book by the Afrocentrist historian Basil Davidson, arguing the opposite: that it was an indigenous African civilisation, which took over Islam and elements of Arabic language and culture.

Webb put up a video a little while ago arguing that several of the best-known and leading African civilisations and their monuments were not founded and built by indigenous Africans. One of these civilisations was the Swahili, which Webb claimed had been founded instead by the Omanis. I asked Que if he had any information about a claim by Webb that one of the great west African mosques so often shown as one of the splendours of Black African culture, had in fact been extensively rebuilt by the French. Sadly, he couldn’t help me there, but he was able to provide information correcting and refuting Webb’s claim about the Omani origins of the Swahili. Que commented

‘Unfortunately, I can’t give you any sources on the subjects of what you asked.

I can only say that Simon Webb/History Debunked is a dishonest historian, and I can prove it.
The video he did on black cultural appropriation of African civilisations (you know, the vid where he spits a load of bovine excrement about Egypt, Axum and the Swahili were formed by people outside of Africa), he messed up big time.

When Simon Webb/History Debunked talked about the Swahili formed by the Omani Arabs, he had a pic of a ruined mosque to emphasise the Omani Arab nature of the Swahili. The problem is the pic was of the Great Mosque of Kilwa Kisiwani.

Kilwa Kisiwani is also an archaeological Swahili city-state site located along the Swahili Coast on the Kilwa Archipelago. It was occupied by possibly Mwera people from across the mainland from at least the 8th century CE and eventually became one of the most powerful Swahili settlements along the East African coast. Historically, it was the center of the Kilwa Sultanate, a medieval Swahili sultanate whose authority at its height in the 13th-15th centuries stretched the entire length of the Swahili Coast. The seasonal wind reversals would affect trade circulations.

As for the mosque, it was built way before the Omani Arabs took over the Swahili coast.

And Simon Webb/History Debunked knows this. Many pics of the Great Mosque routinely say what it is – the Great Mosque of Kilwa Kisiwani. He purposely showed a pic of it while saying that the Omani Arabs are responsible for the Swahili culture, knowing full well that the mosque wasn’t built by the Omani Arabs.

The greatest liars and deceivers mix truth with lies. Simon Webb/History Debunked whole shtick is this.

If you want a person or a website that deals with African histories and cultures in a much more honest way, I suggest you check this website out:

He’s not perfect (no historian is be they armchair or actual) but he has a lot of sources and he’s incredibly knowledgeable.’

Webb is Torygraph-reading right-winger and a fierce opponent of non-White immigration and what he sees as the Black appropriation of White history and inventiveness. His political sympathies are unstated, but they seem to lie with right-wing populist parties like Reclaim, while his commenters have urged him to join Patriotic Alternative. They, however, are more right-wing than he is, and there is a nasty current of genuine anti-Semitism among them. There’s a lot of talk about the Great Replacement, and how it’s caused by ‘people with small hats’. This sounds very much like code words for ‘Jews’, and it’s the old Nazi lie that the Jews are encouraging non-White immigration to destroy the White race. Webb, to his credit, doesn’t believe this and has posted videos several times attacking and debunking it.

Some of Webb’s comments and videos are historically correct, but as Que has shown, he can also be very, and deceptively wrong. As with so much on the Net, if you’re watching or reading his material, be careful and check his facts.


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8 Responses to “Que Corrects the Fake History about the Swahili Peddled by Simon Webb and History Debunked”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    Some of Simon Webb’s vids are historically correct. The likes of these less so. I wonder who he thinks built the Grand Mosque of Jenne (Sp?) in Mali and Great Zimbabwe amongst other things? As for his political bias, I think he may be an either Reclaim or Ukip supporter, as he is very anti-lockdown as well as anti-Black-immigration. Slightly off topic, but does he realise that the first waves of Windrush “immigrants” from Jamaica etc were not really immigrants, but British citizens (Windrush landed in ’48, and Jamaica didn’t gain independence till ’62).

  2. Jim Round Says:

    Is Simon Webb’s post discussed above the same on that someone debunked on Reddit?
    The one I linked to last in a previous comment?

    • beastrabban Says:

      I don’t know Jim – very possibly. If you have linked to an article debunking it, thanks for doing so. Sorry I’ve overlooked it.

      • Jim Round Says:

        No, you didn’t overlook it, it was a post you made a few months ago about Webb, you replied to my comments about it.
        It appears he has been in a UKIP promoted video with Neil Petrie, Stephen Gardner and Stephen Chilcott, about Marxist infiltration into Net Zero????

      • beastrabban Says:

        That’s interesting. I’ve heard murmuring from the right about ‘Green communism’. It sound like part of the nonsense now going on about the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset all being used to force us into a totalitarian communist society.

  3. Mark Pattie Says:

    I do think Simon Webb does have significant previous as regards dishonest bullshit- I’m fairly sure one of his videos tries to assert that Apartheid was actually *good* for Black South Africans- and in an unrelated video, he asserts that an *Englishman* was the architect of the Holocaust! I get the feeling he is deliberately saying this to provoke his more rabid racist “fans”. Speaking of far-right nutters, anyone heard about the speech Victor Orban gave in Romania last week that was straight out of Goebbels’ playbook?

    • beastrabban Says:

      I saw the video on Houston Stewart Chamberlain as the architect of the Holocaust. I didn’t watch it. Chamberlain was a naturalised German and was one of the figures responsible for the weird neo-pagan revival in Wilhelmine Germany. I don’t know that much about him otherwise, but I can believe he argued for the extermination of the Jews. Of course, this doesn’t make him the architect of the Holocaust, as the responsibility for that horror is very firmly the Nazis’ and Himmler’s.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I am very convinced Simon Webb posted that video just to grift to the rabid racist PA-supporters in his audience. As for his worse-than-Spiked contrarian “whitewashing” of apartheid? Yes, the current South African government is very corrupt, and some of its MPs are indeed racist towards white South Africans- such as Julius Malema. But surely even he cannot use that as an excuse to whitewash apartheid. Unless he is using that to predict the very reverse happening in Britain once the “ethnic English” are the minority in England (mid 2050s I suspect)?

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