Bristol Live on the Local Protests Against Drag Queen Story Hour at a Bristol Library

Drag Queen Story Hour, in which drag performers tell stories to children in school and public libraries, is the subject of growing intense controversy. It was started in Los Angeles or one of the other Californian cities with a strong gay community a few years ago. Since then it’s spread across America and into Britain. It’s supporters believe that it promotes tolerance, while their opponents are worried that it’s a forming of paedophile grooming. The accusation has a degree of verisimilitude, as there have been papers written by from the perspective of Queer Theory, a form of postmodern Marxism, promoting Drag Queen Story Hour as a form of ‘queer pedagogy’ intended not to create tolerance and acceptance for gays, or to lead young gay people to become comfortable in their sexuality and become otherwise normal, well-adjusted, happy members of society. Or as happy as anyone can be as capitalism crumbles all around us and the elite get richer while making the rest of us plebs and peasants poorer. No, it has been promoted as a way of getting them to ‘live queerly’ and to make their psychological problems worse in order to generate the militant revolutionary consciousness needed for the violent overthrow of capitalism. One such essay, published in an academic educational periodical is the subject of a series of videos by one of the anti-postmodernist activists and critics. How many people involved in Drag Queen Story Hour are aware of this activist fringe, let alone support it, is a good question.

There have been protests against it in America. An angry group of fathers turned up at a Story Hour event in Texas, where they harangued the drag artiste as a paedophile and groomer. A day or so ago a similar event in Reading here in Britain was stopped after a similar protest was staged. Now there’s this article from Bristol Live, reporting that a Story Hour at a library in the suburb of Henleaze was also cancelled today following protests. The article by Ellie Kendal, ‘Drag Queen Story Hour UK protests: Bristol City Council says discrimination and abuse will not be tolerated‘ begins

‘Bristol City Council has today issued a statement to say it will not tolerate any discrimination or abuse aimed at any community, following protests at a library event for young children in the city. Drag Queen Story Hour was scheduled to begin a series of library appearances in Bristol today, starting at Henleaze Library, however the event was later cancelled as protesters against the event gathered outside.

Drag Queen Story Hour began its national summer tour on Monday, July 25, in Reading where its founder and performer Aida H Dee, who grew up in Bristol, had her reading interrupted by protesters, two of which organisers said had “gained access to the story hour by using their own disabled autistic child as a ‘human trojan horse’.

The police had to get involved and Aida herself had to be escorted out of the event, with officers having to form a ‘human wall’ to protect her from an assault, or a ‘citizen’s arrest’ – something even protesters here in Bristol today said they were planning on doing. Police also attended today’s Bristol event in Henleaze, acting as a barrier between two opposing groups of protesters.

Read more: Live: Protesters clash outside Drag Story Time as group threatens citizen arrest on drag artist

Meanwhile, parents and their young children queued up outside the library mere metres from the protesters – some fearing for their safety. They were let inside, however the event was later cancelled. The next event is due to take place at another library in Bristol at 1pm.’

I think the Reading Drag Queen event was part of a national tour organised and begun by Bristol libraries service. The event got the attention of the American right-wing internet pundits a few weeks ago when there were protests about the ‘family sex show’, advertised as suitable for children as young as five, staged by a group at the Tobacco Factory theatre in Bristol.


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5 Responses to “Bristol Live on the Local Protests Against Drag Queen Story Hour at a Bristol Library”

  1. Mark Pattie Says:

    I think the reason why well-meaning liberal-ish types seem to be fine with “drag queen hour” or whatever is because they think drag is similar to panto, and kids are used to gay male celebrities (such as Craig from Strictly or perhaps Alan Carr) playing pantomime dames. ‘Cept drag is far more sexualised than pantomime- hence why RuPaul’s show has an either 12 or 15 rating, rather than PG.

  2. Jim Round Says:

    These “protesters/agitators” really don’t have a clue what they are protesting about.
    It seems that one of the stories was “The Three Goats United” and appears to be an anti bullying story, I also believe the story is on YouTube.
    Some of the “protesters/agitators” have been asked to give an example of any sexual aspects to the story, it appears they are unable to.
    I don’t know if they have pantomime in The USA, but, as most know, we have had the likes of Christopher Biggins dressing up for several years.
    I wonder if they will be harassing pantomimes this Christmas, then again there is one in progress now in the Houses of Parliament.

  3. Jim Round Says:

    In a related addition, it appears these protesters/agitators were/are involved with anti-lockdown/vaccination protests.

    • beastrabban Says:

      That explains so much. Another Drag Queen Story Hour has had to be cancelled today. This one was at Filwood in south Bristol., It’s very close to Knowle West, which used to be a council estate with reputation as rough area. It might have come on a bit in the last few years, but it did have a terrible drug problem. A decade or so ago two racist thugs murdered an Asian bloke there because they thought he was a paedophile. I’m not therefore surprised that there were protests against it.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Re the Drag Queen protestors- I wonder how much of it is sincere (young children being probably too young to learn about drag- I certainly didn’t learn about it until my RE GCSE’s) and how much is sheer homo/transphobia? Given there are straight, female drag queens such as Michelle Visage, I suspect most of it is the latter.

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