Of Course Voter ID Is Racist: It Was Designed to Be

Another article Mike put up a few days ago, which reveals very clearly the Tory contempt for people of colour, is a piece about the massively disproportionate effect the Tories’ demand for Voter identification at polling stations has had on Black people. The Tories declared a year or so ago that they were seriously concerned about voter fraud, and so rolled out schemes demanding that voters should have proof of their identities when casting their votes. There was absolutely no need for it. This kind of voter fraud is absolutely negligible. I think Mike put up the stats for it in another of his articles, and hardly anyone has been caught doing it. I think there have literally only been one or two cases. But nevertheless, the Tories decided that it was a serious problem and a threat to democracy. Critics of the scheme also warned that their plans would actually be anti-democratic, as certain groups are far less likely to possess the necessary documentation to confirm their identities. Blacks would be particularly affected, and would be turned away and prevented from exercising their legal, democratic civil rights.

This was, of course, denied by the Tories. But it’s happened. Despite Cabinet Office Minister Chloe Smith telling us all in June  that ““the evidence shows there is no impact on any particular demographic group … the evidence of our pilots shows that there is no impact on any particular demographic group from this policy”, the Electoral Commission has found evidence to the contrary. Findings from the 2018 and 2019 findings in Watford and Derby, two of the pilot areas, found that there was a strong correlation between Asians from each of the city’s wards not receiving a ballot paper. The Commission also reported that polling staff were not asked to collect demographic data about the people, who didn’t come back. This was due to the practical challenges of the data collection exercise. There wasn’t enough evidence yet to come to a conclusion about the scheme in any direction, and advised against doing so. But Mike accordingly reached the following :

If the Tories had wanted to know who would be deprived of the vote, and how badly it affected particular groups, they would have carried out the research. They didn’t.

They then went on to tell falsehoods that the research had been carried out when it hadn’t and that it showed no impact on any demographic group.

You don’t lie about something like this unless you are deliberately trying to harm people from ethnic minorities.

We can only conclude that the Tory voter ID plan is intended to stop black people and those from other ethnic minorities from voting:

And includes this tweet from Labour MP Cat Smith

The Government claim plans to require ID to vote doesn’t discriminate, but there’s no data to back this up.

Voter ID requirements come straight from the US-style voter suppression play book, and must be opposed by all who value inclusive democracy.

Smith’s absolutely right. The scheme was taken over from the Republicans in America, who have used to it to suppress the votes of certain groups – those that are most likely to vote Democrat. These are the poor, students and Blacks. There have been a number of videos about this produced by The Young Turks and other left-wing or liberal internet news sites. One particularly repulsive Republican politico actually let the cat out of the bag and admitted that it really was all about preventing Blacks from voting.

Which is just more evidence of how institutionally racist the Tories are, despite ostentatiously giving cabinet seats to BAME politicians like Sajid Javid, Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak. They’re really don’t want a less racist, more inclusive or simply more democratic society.

They are actively trying to increase discrimination all while keeping it carefully hidden through specious verbiage about protecting democracy. And that’s a threat to everyone’s right to vote.

See: https://voxpoliticalonline.com/2020/07/29/tories-love-being-racist-they-lied-about-voter-id-demand-stopping-bame-people-from-voting/

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3 Responses to “Of Course Voter ID Is Racist: It Was Designed to Be”

  1. trev Says:

    Election fraud is rife in Bradford where I used to live, with Political rivalries often based on Biradari loyalties rather than actual Political persuasion. It happened to me once, went along to vote only to find someone else had already voted in my name. The postal vote is also exploited, with empty properties being used and votes made in the names of relatives in Pakistan/Bangladesh. But that’s Bradford for you, it’s a very lawless place!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks, Trev. Private Eye has also published several articles about massive electoral fraud in Bradford, and the impression I had that it was overwhelmingly postal votes. These stories centred very much on the Asian community, which really doesn’t surprise. Pakistan and Bangladesh are massively corrupt nations, and so it follows that some of the migrants from those cultures are going to bring the same corruption over here.

      • trev Says:

        I think it’s the old Patriarchy that’s to blame. The youth rebelled and backed Galloway, seeing him as a popular champion. Here’s an interesting article:

        “As one young man wrote on Facebook: “2 fingers up at the ‘Mirpuri village politics’ imported to the UK, particularly Bradford… where voting is about who you know, financial and personal gain for the candidate… long live the youth that made this possible.”


        I lived there long enough to know what was going on and in the case of my vote being stolen I’m pretty sure what happened. Many of the candidates and their supporters were Asians, they could easily look through the electoral roll for a particular neighbourhood and pick an English name, under the assumption that most white people in those particular neighbourhoods were people at the bottom of the social spectrum, mostly with drink and/or drug addictions who were unlikely to vote.

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