Weak and Wobbly Theresa May’s Contradictory and Crap Housing Policy

The leak last Thursday of the Labour party manifesto, with its promise to nationalise the railways and parts of the energy network, clearly has rattled the Tory party. Mike over at Vox Political remarked that leak was probably intended to discredit these policies, but instead they have proved massively popular.


I’m not surprised. The Tory party, of course, started shrieking that this would drag us all back to the 1970s – actually not a bad thing, as Mike has also pointed out, considering that the gulf between rich and poor was at its lowest during that decade. The Torygraph also went berserk, and plastered all over the front page of its Friday edition a headline claiming that Labour MPs were ‘disowning’ it. I don’t know how true this was. It could be the Blairites trying their best to undermine their own party again, in order to shore up virtuous neoliberalism. Or it could be just more rumour and scaremongering put out, as usual, by the rag and its owners, the weirdo Barclay twins. The Telegraph has been in the forefront of the newspapers attacking Corbyn since he was elected to the Labour leadership. So many of its stories are just scaremongering or, at best, the fevered imaginings of a frightened capitalist class, that you can’t really believe anything the newspaper actually writes about the Labour party or its leader. Ken Surin, in an article for Counterpunch, quoted statistics by media analysts that said that only 11 per cent of reports about the party presented the facts accurately.

But the fact that the railways do need to be renationalised was ironically shown again that day, as a train I wanted to catch was delayed by 15 minutes. Because a train had broken down. The British taxpayer now pays far more subsidies to the private rail companies for a worse train service than in the 1970s. So once again, we’re back to showing that rather than being a decade of uniform disaster and imminent social collapse, it was better in some ways than the present.

So May has decided to unveil a few radical policies of her own. In order to counter Labour’s promise to build a million new homes, half of which will be social housing, in the next five years, May has announced that her government will boost the number of social housing being built, and included a special right to buy clause. Which sounds good, until you realise that they’re not going to release any more money for it.

Without that extra money, the promise is meaningless.
It’s more Tory lies.


The Tory party has absolutely no intention of building any more social housing. Mike has put up in his article a table of the Tories’ abysmal record on housing. These include a 43 per cent increase in homelessness, a 166 per cent jump in the number of people sleeping rough, private rents have gone up by over £1,700 since 2010, and the cost of owning a home for first-time buyers has risen by £65,000. But this won’t worry the Tory party, as 1/3 of them are private landlords. And I distinctly remember Johnny Void posting a number of articles about they sought to profit by the dearth of housing in London.

And this is quite apart from the fact that the Tory press, such as the Daily Mail, is aimed very much at the kind of people, who buy to rent, and endlessly applauds high house prices even though they make homes unaffordable to an increasing number of people in 21st century England. Of course they see such prices as a good thing, as it means even greater profits for them.

So they won’t want to undermine the housing bubble they’ve created, and cause prices to fall by building any more.

But they can’t be seen to be doing that, with Corbyn and Labour hot on this issue.

So they’ve concocted this rubbish, self-contradictory policy, hoping that people will be deceived by the meaningless promise. They hope people will remember the first part, and forget that without any more money, it won’t happen.

Don’t let them fool you.
Vote Labour for a decent housing solution on June 8th.

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13 Responses to “Weak and Wobbly Theresa May’s Contradictory and Crap Housing Policy”

  1. joanna Says:

    If they were going to build more social housing why haven’t they done it already? They have had seven years to do it yet they do nothing!!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      That’s it precisely, Jo. They don’t want to build more houses. They never have done. But they want to be seen to want to build more homes, because Labour have said they’ll do so, and they don’t want to be seen to be outdone by them.

      • joanna Says:

        Why doesn’t anyone look to renovating derelict homes or tear them down and start afresh, then there would be no worrying about sites for more until necessary.

        We also need architects to design new one bed roomed houses, so that if the Tories get back (if they are voted out) then they can’t use bedroom tax, also they need to be cheap!

      • Beastrabban Says:

        Really great points, Jo. A number of people I’ve spoken to recently have also said that the government ought to be renovating derelict houses, or issuing compulsory purchase orders for homes that have been left empty by their owners for a long time.

        I hadn’t thought about constructing more one-bedroom homes, but I think you’re right. Many of the people, who own their own house live on their own, so it would make sense to build homes for single people.

  2. stilloaks Says:

    Reblogged this on SUBSTRATUMS.

  3. joanna Says:

    Thank you Beast, The voluntary job didn’t work out because I couldn’t manage the stairs and 8 hours constantly on my feet. But, I did really well working on the till, and I didn’t just serve a couple of customers, but I helped them with their purchases. One man tried on a sunhat but wasn’t sure about how it looked, it did look good and I reassured him that he did look good with it, and he did, he left smiling and my heart felt really good!!!
    I know I can do a job but I need somewhere to rest my feet a bit, it was my first attempt and it went very well!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Sorry the voluntary job didn’t work out for you, Jo, but I’m really glad that you were able to handle working on the till. I’ve no doubt that you did that very well. As for it being hard on your feet, you’re probably not alone in this. Years ago a friend of mine was reading the history of Marks and Spencer. Marks, the co-founder, was an early Socialist. After spending some time himself serving on the shop floor, he realised just how hard it was on his salespeople’s feet, and so arranged for them to have their feet cared for, at company expense, by Harley Street doctors.

  4. joanna Says:

    Hi Beast this a little off topic, but I am watching the World at War, in many ways the last 7 years have been a little bit like Germany in WW2, most of the German people really didn’t have a clue about what atrocities going on, all they got was propaganda. That is what is happening here, the middle to high class people don’t really know what is going on, or if they do it is easy for them to ignore.
    There are many ways for history to repeat itself and I think we are seeing one way. The middle classes and higher will never change because in their opinion why should they? They will never know poverty and true adversity because they are cocooned in their thick blanket of money!!

    What we need now is a Brave new media who can communicate across the classes and shove the ugly truths in the faces of those who chose to perpetuate the lies they are told about people who they see as lesser than themselves, it is highly doubtful that the liars will ever change, we can only watch and hope.

    I apologise if this doesn’t make any sense, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you. Thank you for listening/reading!!!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      Something like that is happening with the impact of the new media. People are turning to YouTube and social media for the news that isn’t being reported by the mainstream press, radio and TV. This means shows like the American left-wing programmes I follow, like The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk, the David Pakman Show and so on. And these programmes are being seen as a threat by the mainstream media. This is partly what all the furore about ‘fake news’ is all about. It’s the mainstream media trying to tarnish all alternative news media with the accusation that they’re putting out Fascist propaganda. Another tactic has been to have YouTube demonetise them. These shows depend on advertisers, and so YouTube have started not showing adverts with some of them in order to stop them, or stop them reporting anything they consider dangerously radical.

  5. joanna Says:

    Thank you Beastie!!

    I have been emailed the manifesto from the Labour Party, It all looks spiffing!!
    I do have one problem with it, a part of it suggests keeping children/young adults in care until they are 21, that to me is not such a good Idea. What should happen and I have voiced my opinion to Karl Turners office, I have asked if it would be better, if from 16-18 the young person could be given life and social skills training, to help them be able to function better? That would have helped me enormously.

    If no-one doesn’t listen I know I have done what I can but, I would so much like for my experiences to make other peoples lives better for them to know they Do Matter and they can survive!

    • Beastrabban Says:

      That’s an excellent suggestion, Jo. I’ve heard Mum and a Black historian and activist I used to work with make exactly the same point. They both knew people, who had been in care, and were concerned at the way the system did not prepare for life in the outside world, with the result that very many of them simply couldn’t cope. I don’t know if your suggestion will be taken on board, but thanks for raising it with the Labour party.

      • joanna Says:

        Maybe, they might, the person I spoke to said she had it all noted down, but I totally understand,now isn’t really the time for such suggestion, they must be so tense and worried, plus time being the paradox it is. The finer details can wait.

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    […] Theresa May’s Contradictory and Crap Housing Policy […]

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