Neither Sunak or Truss Have Anything to Offer the Working Class

The media’s still trying to work up some kind of popular enthusiasm for the Tory leadership battle. They’ve been televising debates between the various contestants, whose thoughts on how they’re going to tackle the cost of living crisis and other issues are also plastered all over the papers. The two were in Cheltenham last night for a debate in front of the Tory faithful there, and the BBC local news for the Bristol region was duly covering it.

But this is a leadership contest in which everyone but a small fraction of the population are just spectators. Which one of them becomes Tory leader is a matter for the Tory party, not the general public, and so while the leadership debates give the general public the chance to see what the candidates stand for, or claim they stand for, and give the media political pundits an opportunity to speculate about what this all means, this mass coverage doesn’t actually affect the public very much. People outside the Tory party naturally have no opportunity to choose the next Tory leader. Nor will we probably get to choose whether they’ll be prime minister or not. The usual process now seems to be that instead of having a general election to decide whether a new party leader should be PM, the prime ministerial successor is inserted into office during the term of his immediate predecessor and an election held later to decide whether he or she should continue to rule. Meanwhile the party continues to govern. Thus have the Tories clung on to power over the past ten years, despite prime ministers entering and leaving 10 Downing Street as if through a revolving door. I assume that this is what will happen with Johnson and whoever is due to succeed him. Johnson will give up office, they’ll take over, but it’ll be sometime before there’s a general election to decide whether this successor should carry on in government. It’s all done to avoid the perils of a proper general election involving both the head of the party and the party itself, when both may find themselves out of power and sitting on the opposition benches. Thus is democracy in Britain manipulated to the ruling party’s advantage.

As for Sunak and Truss, neither of them has anything really to offer working people. Sunak says he’ll cut inflation, which would help admittedly, but not as much as is needed by people on very low pay, benefits or absolutely zilch, thanks to benefit sanctions, facing rising fuel and energy prices. It’s a policy directed primarily at economists and financiers, but not the starving hoi polloi.

And neither is Truss going to help. She’s announced that she’s going to cut taxes. This will be spun by the Tory papers as somehow meaning ordinary people will be richer. But it won’t mean that. When the Tories cut taxes, it is always for the very rich, never for the poor. And when their taxes are cut, it means that there’s less money coming into the exchequer to support the NHS, public services and the welfare state. So expect there to be more cuts there. And as for cutting down on the bureaucracy in the NHS, this has mushroomed because of the piecemeal privatisation Truss and the rest of the Tory right are so frantically, pantingly keen on. But this is not going to reversed, because the Tory line is that privatisation cuts bureaucracy. What will happen instead is that more services will be privatised and thus remaining will be cut.

It doesn’t matter which one wins, Tweedlesunak or Tweedletruss. They will both continue the campaign of privatisation and impoverishment to the mendacious cheering of the Tory media.

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5 Responses to “Neither Sunak or Truss Have Anything to Offer the Working Class”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    Looking on the positive side, Sunak is the candiate most likely to drive voters back to Labour – for all the wrong reasons, of course!. If he wins the contest the Murdoch media and the Mail are going to have to discard their traditionally racist stance. Should be fun to see them sweating!

  2. Neither Sunak nor Truss have anything to offer the working class | Beastrabban’s Weblog | Vox Political Says:

    […] Source: Neither Sunak or Truss Have Anything to Offer the Working Class | Beastrabban’s Weblog […]

  3. Mark Pattie Says:

    As for Rishi “non-dom” Sunak, I distinctly remember him saying the other day that he moved funding from Northern areas to places like Tunbridge Wells. He really nailed his colours to the mast marked “Insincerity” there. Not that I’m greatly fond of Truss either.

    • beastrabban Says:

      I think I saw something about that, or rather, about the Tories taking money meant for deprived areas. It wouldn’t surprise me, and it wouldn’t surprise me it was him. And his application to go to America, as well as the fact that his wife doesn’t pay tax here says to me that he really doesn’t have any deep connection to Britain. Of which the same could also be said of Johnson, ’cause he was born in New York.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        Re Sunak: I find myself agreeing with A Certain Right-wing Historian about his not particular loyalty to Britain (although probably not for the same reason- after all, even Kemi isn’t “British” enough for SW). I think he sees that area as a fiefdom, to the extent that all the neighbouring Tories are voting for him- with the one principled exception being Dehenna Davison. After all, she voted against his near-record tax hikes, so it is only natural that she would back Truss.

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