The Kippers and their Swedish Nazi Friends in the EU

Despite Nigel Farage’s claim that anyone having any links with the far right would not be allowed into his party, and thrown out if they were there already, the numbers of Kippers with connections to the Storm Troopers just gets bigger by the day. Last Friday, the anti-racist, anti-religious extremism organisation, Hope Not Hate, published a photo of two UKIP organisers in the European parliament, Jamie Illingworth and Francesca Howard, having a pint with Carl Joel Ankar. Ankar was a member of the Sweden Democrats, another bunch of Neo-Nazis that finally issued a ban against their members turning up at meetings in Nazi uniforms twenty years ago in 1996. The European parliament has had Ankar investigated twice. The first time was because Ankar had made a number of anti-Semitic and misogynist comments on another racist website, Flashback. He had called one of his former teachers ‘Jewish swine’, supported apartheid, and said that the victims of domestic abuse deserved their maltreatment because of their inability to take verbal criticism. He’d also said that he wanted to train as a lawyer so he could prosecute leftist ‘muppets’ and ‘crooked’ Jews. The second investigation was launched in November last year, 2015, after he described Sarinder Joshua Duroch, UKIP’s spokesman on ethnic minorities, as ‘untermensch’, the Nazi term for ‘subhuman’. The bloc of far right parties in the European parliament, of which UKIP was a member, took the step of sacking him as the assistant to the MEP Kristina Winberg, after the Swedish press released details of his noxious comments.

Ankar has also appeared on the Facebook page of the UKIP press officer Alistair Earl Harrison next to Liam Porter, who is chief of staff to UKIP MEP James Carver. A former UKIP staffer in the European Parliament said that the party had been aware that a large number of its members were associating with the European far right, and that several of the younger members looked up to Ankar.

So despite Farage’s platitudes and reassurances, behind him UKIP continues to be as ugly and racist as ever. These are the people you definitely don’t want to vote for in an election, and don’t want leading the ‘Leave’ campaign. Forget the stupid and mendacious accusation of anti-Semitism in the Labour party. This is the real thing.

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