Vox Political: DPAC Says Disabled Stronger and Safe inside the EU

Mike over at Vox Political has also put up a piece from DPAC – Disabled People Against Cuts – arguing very clearly that many of the regulations that have kept disabled people safe from poverty and discrimination, and given them better opportunities than previously, have come from European legislation, particularly in the last 15 years. These gains and the opportunities they represent may be lost. DPAC point out that there are 11 million people living with some form of disability or long term illness in Britain, and that the relationship between this and poverty is very well established. They point out, however, that so far there has been little coverage of the advantages given to disabled people through EU membership in the current debates.

See the article: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/06/22/disabled-people-stronger-and-safer-inside-the-eu-dpac/

This is another very good point, but one that has been lost in the general screaming about sovereignty and immigration. Don’t be mistaken: the same politicians and newspapers that are hostile to immigration are also very hostile indeed to great rights for disabled people. I can remember the outcry ten years ago when the Labour government started introducing legislation to give disabled people greater rights to work, and force public buildings and institutions to become more physically accessible for disabled people. Newspapers like the Mail and the Spectator started whining about the cost this would place on employers. And remember, Boris Johnson, the Tory politico, who decided a few weeks ago to thrown in his lot with the Leave campaign, was the Speccie’s editor. Conditions are desperate now for many disabled people, thanks to the system of benefit cuts and stupid welfare-to-work regulations also introduced by Bliar and Broon, but enthusiastically retained by Cameron and the rest of his upper class crims. They will be even more desperate if Britain leaves the European Union.

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