Eye witness on Russian bombers: “Cameron is lying”

For good comments on this, look at the remarks of Patricknelson750, who points out that the Russians continued testing our air defences even after the end of the Cold War; and Clive Radley. Radley believes that Cameron’s hushing the whole thing up because he’s embarrassed that a fifty year old aircraft can successfully penetrate British airspace. I don’t doubt that he’s right. Cameron has been making massive cuts to the British armed forces, all the while claiming that this just makes them more effective and efficient. This would prove quite spectacularly that he’s wrong.
Of course, it’s possible that the plane was allowed into British airspace to scare people and provide further public support for intervention, but I doubt the government would go that far, and Cameron wouldn’t then be denying it happened if it did.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s David Cameron!)

An eye witness has accused David Cameron of “lying” over his statement that two Russian bombers did not enter UK airspace.

According to comments on Facebook as well as on Twitter, Sue Bamford is adamant that she saw the two bombers over St Mawgan in Cornwall:

Cameron on the news saying the Russian never breached UK airspace – well then, mate, what the hell did Claire and I see tootling down the St Mawgan valley, and over Indian Queens??? Have Easy Jet switched to Bear Bombers? Not over the coast, but over St Eval, flying low and slow.

And in an interview with local newspaper the Plymouth Herald, Ms Bamber directly accuses Cameron of lying:

It is bizarre to hear the government publicly denying something that I witnessed with my very own eyes. I know David Cameron is lying. I saw the…

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3 Responses to “Eye witness on Russian bombers: “Cameron is lying””

  1. Jeffery Davies Says:

    But to be honest we listen to rt news a Russian tv station so that we can hear whot happening in britain has this government’s wont tell the truth of it dont start me on the forces that blagard cams went to that place told em dont worry your jobs are safe yetssacked ten thousand squardies hum russian invading we aint got soldiers left to do a job of protecting but not to worry a4e serco crapita will maximus them jeff3

    • beastrabban Says:

      Actually, Jeff, that made me think of a way we could prevent the Russians invading without sacrificing the valuable lives of the professional, highly trained and technically skilled soldiers of our armed forces: we send Maximus, Crapita, Serco and A4e to fight them instead. That way, no-one care who loses.


  2. Jeffery Davies Says:

    Dont forget those highly trained hcp

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