Fox News Sneers at Harvard Students for Attacking American Imperialism

‘Do I detect a certain anti-intellectualism here? Yeah, it started around 1982, I guess’.

– Bill Hicks on the dumbing of America after Reagan’s election.

I found this clip on Youtube of The Young Turks critiquing a sequence from Fox News, in which the anchors and their guest in the studio are outraged by the liberal views of some of the students they talked to at Harvard. The clip’s called Fox News vs Harvard On ISIS Turns Into Embarrassing Ignorance Fest, and shows just how anti-intellectual Fox News is. The students are articulate, and provide clear arguments why American imperialism in the Middle East has destabilised the region, and allowed radical groups like Isis to emerge.

The response of Fox News’ journos? They start sneering at the students for having educated accents, and larger vocabularies than they have. Like they use ‘outlandish’. Then their guest, a folk musician, starts ranting about how they’re a threat to the gene pool, weren’t taught to say the pledge of allegiance like he was, and don’t support the American troops properly.

As Cenk Uyghur, one of the hosts, points out, that’s all non-sequiturs. Everyone in America took the Pledge of Allegiance when they were at school, and the question wasn’t whether or not they knew anyone in the armed forces, or supported the American army. The question asked was simply whether they considered America or Isis the biggest threat.

Here’s the clip.

Salvador Dali once boasted that he aimed to cretinize the public. Despite Dali’s best efforts, Western culture survived, and Dali himself left some of the most beautiful, startling and original works of art. It’s now been left to Fox News to drag American culture down.

The temptation is to sneer at Fox News as a distinctly American phenomenon. It isn’t. Rupert Murdoch did the same thing over here decades ago in print journalism when he launched the Sun. The Sun’s full of the same extreme right-wing populism, and it and other right-wing British newspapers, like the Mail and the Express, also share the same distrust and opposition to academia for its perceived liberalism. Back in the 1980s one of the staples of the right-wing press was attacks on teachers for supposedly indoctrinating children with left-wing propaganda, especially anti-racism and peace studies.

British television has so far escaped such treatment because of the existence of BBC and the various broadcasting regulations governing the type of content considered suitable for broadcast. This ensures that there is still some attempt to produce quality, informative television, although the British networks have also been accused of ‘dumbing down’.

All this is very much under threat from Murdoch, Dacre and the other media barons. These run regular attacks in their papers about supposed BBC ‘liberal bias’, partly because they want the BBC scrapped completely and for them to get a share. And if that happens, we will get something like Fox News over here, with all its anti-intellectualism and jingoistic nationalism.

As the clip shows, Americans aren’t stupid. They are, however, being misinformed and exploited by an anti-intellectual, hysterically right-wing media empire determined to attack and belittle anyone brighter and better informed than itself.

And the same people want to do the same over here. Let’s stop them.

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One Response to “Fox News Sneers at Harvard Students for Attacking American Imperialism”

  1. patricknelson750 Says:

    Fox News and the like aren’t stupid they are cynical and manipulative, they may use dumbos for front men and women, but they are run with an highly intelligent agenda of propaganda in support of such causes as Neoconservatism.

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