Yep – the ‘jaw-dropping” racist comments by a UKIP candidate really are jaw-dropping

Rozanne Duncan here shows the astonishing racism, which finally led to her being thrown out of UKIP. However, as Mr Pride says, she was in the Tories for 20 years, who definitely didn’t expel her. This says as much about the Tories as it does about UKIP.
Cameron has very ostentatiously tried to clean up the Tories’ image of containing more than its fair share of racist loons. He got rid of various members because of the scandal they caused when their links to the BNP were revealed. He also broke the party’s links with the Monday Club.
However, the racist bigots and loons are still in the party, if somewhat quieter. But 30 years ago, they were worse. Much worse. This was when there were indeed very loud and vociferous supporters of the far right. I was told by a friend in Cheltenham that the Tory party there was split after one of its members said that it should support the racial nationalism of the BNP and National Front as its official policy. It seems most of the loons never really left the party. They’ve just gone underground, until some of them left to join the Kippers.

Pride's Purge

In December last year, UKIP expelled one of their councillors after she made such racist comments to the BBC that they were called “jaw-dropping”.

At the time, nobody would reveal what Cllr Rozanne Duncan actually said that was so “jaw-dropping”.

Well, now we know. And yep, they’re pretty jaw-droppingly racist:

Duncan, UKIP councillor for the Cliftonville East ward of Thanet District Council: “I don’t know why but I don’t like negroes or anyone with negro features.

Mind you, also worth mentioning is the fact that Duncan was a member and an activist of the Conservative Party for over 20 years before she resigned from the Tories and joined UKIP.

At least UKIP threw her out ………………..


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