The racist thugs who are Andrea Leadsom’s fox hunting friends

Another great, and very revealing piece by the estimable Tom Pride. Oscar Wilde once described the fox hunting crew as ‘the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible’, which exactly describes them. The clip in this video shows a member of the hunt roundly cursing in some very coarse language an anti-hunt protester, before telling her to ‘f**k off to France, where they shoot n*ggers’. It shows the coarse racism of the fox hunting set, who are friends of Andrea Leadsom.

These people will tell you that they are the real countryside, and the true voice of the rural community. It’s a very, very questionable claim. True, the Countryside Alliance can rustle up about 2 1/2 million of such thugs in their demos, as they did a few years ago. But many farmers and people in rural communities absolutely despise them. Apart from having absolute contempt for the opponents of hunting, they also have no respect for the rights, property or even wellbeing of others. A friend of mine grew up on a farm, and the farmers he knew hated the local hunt because of the way they blithely rode over others fields and pastures, with no thought to the damage they were causing to others’ crops or livelihoods. I’ve heard the same from my father, who grew up in Taunton in Somerset. And at College one of the other students came from Devon further south. He was very left-wing, and absolutely despised the red jacket brigade. In a notorious case, the local hunt had chased a deer into a local school playground, and torn the animal’s head off in front of the sprogs.

And from what I gather from friends, a taste for stupid, sadistic violence and cruelty is pretty much part of the mindset of the county aristocracy. These people are truly a disgrace. They should have no place in place power, and Leadsom should not get anywhere near No. 10.

Pride's Purge

Our potential future PM Andrea Leadsom really really likes killing foxes.

She regularly attends meetings and fundraising balls for the infamous Grafton Hunt:

leadsom grafton hunt

Grafton is infamous because it uses hooded thugs to attack hunt monitors and has members who are openly racist:

And sadly these people appear to be in charge of our country now …

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