Survey: over A THIRD of Brits would consider moving abroad if UKIP win power!

This completely reverses the oft-made threat of various right-wing celebrities, like Paul Daniels, that they’ll leave the country if Labour got it. It also shows how strongly some of the 87 per cent feel about the Fuhrage and his crew of pin-stripe Nazis.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Blimey – my faith in the British public has just been restored.

According to a survey carried out by – 36% of Brits say they would be so concerned if the UKIP gained power at the next election, they would actually consider moving abroad.

The survey asked respondents which party would make them want to move abroad, and Farage’s party was ranked as the most unpopular:

  • UKIP (36 per cent)
  • Conservative (30 per cent)
  • Labour (21 per cent)
  • Liberal Democrats (6 per cent)
  •  SNP (4 per cent)
  •  Green Party (3 per cent)

So when the UKIP say there will be more places in schools and hospitals if they gain power, it’s not because there will be fewer immigrants.

It’s because there will be fewer Brits.


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