Interview with waiter who served Jeremy Clarkson the night he punched his producer

Tunefultony, one of the commenters, makes the point that this looks like a spoof, as the poster, Leemondus, states it was for parody purposes only. It looks like the poster’s taken a segment from a genuine Spanish TV show, and added fake subtitles about Clarkson losing his rag after the producer mopped up his tears with parma ham.

Whatever the truth of the incident, we can take this as the Hispanic world’s revenge for that incident in Argentina, and, indeed, for Manuel in Fawlty Towers.

Pride's Purge



An interview with Pedro Lopez – the Spanish waiter who served Jeremy Clarkson – who spills the beans about what really happened the night he punched his producer:


So now we know.


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2 Responses to “Interview with waiter who served Jeremy Clarkson the night he punched his producer”

  1. Mike Grant Says:

    Oh, this is Spanish TV personality Juan Joya Borja aka “El Risitas” (“The Giggles”). Using him in joke videos has suddenly become all the rage.

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for that, Mike Grant. I can see why people would use him in spoofs like the above. I like it, even if it as fake.

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