UK government is trying to suppress depictions of The Profit too

Tom Pride lists again the Tory and Lib Dem MPs helping themselves by privatising the NHS. This was always the aim of the Self-Servatives, ever since Peter Lilley formulated the Private Finance Initiative. He was annoyed because the existence of the NHS as a nationalised industry meant private industry couldn’t get a foot in, and so set about to create a way this could happen. And the result is the piecemeal privatisation of the NHS today.

Pride's Purge


The UK coalition government has been trying to suppress depictions of The Profit –  especially when it comes to their privatisation of the NHS.

Here is a list of the 70 coalition MPs who profited from their links to private health firms when they voted to sell off the NHS:

Conservative MPs
1. David Cameron
2. Andrew Lansley
3. Harriet Baldwin
4. Gregory Barker
5. Henry Bellingham
6. Jake Berry
7. Graham Brady
8. Simon Burns
9. Nick de Bois
10. Steve Brine
10. Aidan Burley
11. Damian Collins
12. David Davis
13. Jonathan Djanogly
14. Richard Drax
15. Iain Duncan-Smith
16. Philip Dunne
17. Michael Fallon
18. Mark Field
19. Liam Fox
20. George Freeman
21. Mike Freer
22. Richard Fuller
23. Richard Graham
25. Philip Hammond
26. Mark Harper
27. Nick Herbert
28. Jeremy Hunt
29. Margot James
30. Sajid Javid
31. Jo Johnson
32. Kwarsi Kwateng
33. Mark…

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