Male Candidate Preferred – How Maximus Behave When They Think No-one’s Watching

Johnny Void here shows how Maximus Gulf, the company’s subsidiary running the government’s contracts in Saudi Arabia, complies with that country’s strict Sharia laws. As Mr Void himself points out, these prohibit women for taking up many jobs, which may only be done by men. The workforce is also very strictly segregate according to gender, and homosexuality and transgender people punished and legally repressed. Of course, Maximus cannot be entirely blamed for this. As a company working in Saudi Arabi, it is only right that they abide by the laws of that country, even if they are deeply offensive to modern, Western ideas of equality and justice. What makes the situation so galling, however, is Maximus’ abject hypocrisy in claiming to be an ‘equal opportunities employer’. Worse still is Maro Dunn’s, their British market manager’s, flagrant hypocrisy in criticising the British Left’s inability to tackle the discrimination in Islam mandated by religious norms.

Maximus, however, isn’t alone as a company or organisation operating in Britain, which on the one hand boasts of supporting equal opportunities, and on the other promotes sharia law demanding discrimination. Private Eye reported a few weeks ago that the Law Society was also running courses on compiling ‘sharia compliant’ wills, according to a very strict application of Sharia law. This demanded that women receive half of that granted to men, and that non-Muslims should receive nothing. This has provoke more than a little outrage, and Private Eye reported that the Law Society has now dropped the course. I doubt very much that the same double standards will be shown the door by Maximus. It’s another deeply crooked company, but the big bucks from working for Saudi billionaires and exploiting the British poor acts as a very easy and convenient salve for any vestiges of a conscience.

the void

maximus-maleIn Saudi Arabia – where Maximus operate welfare-to-work style schemes for the government – gay, lesbian and transgender people can face punishments ranging from flogging, to imprisonment and even execution.  Women are forbidden from carrying out many jobs, and workplaces operate under strict gender segregation.  The regime’s Saudization programme means that companies in the private sector who employ non-Saudi nationals may be charged a fee or even prohibited from carrying out government contracts.

Yet on their website Maximus Gulf claim to be an equal opportunity employer who recruit people without regard to “race, color, gender, age, religious beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation”.  This is of course a lie, as this advertisement for a Business Manager with the company – asking for a male candidate and Saudi nationals only – clearly demonstrates.  It is not the only job vacancy with the company that appears to specify gender requirements, and…

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