Snow storms hit UK after Nigel Farage given ‘Briton of the Year’ award

It’s satire now, but a few hundred years ago, when people believed in the Great Chain of Being, it would have been taken extremely seriously. Disruptions in the human, political realm, like challenges to lawful authority by usurpers and tyrants resulted in the disruption of the natural world. The result was storms, tempests, plagues and omens, like strange births, talking statues, animals behaving weirdly. Given how weird and offensive Farage and his party actually are, I think we should expect UFO visitations, frog falls and the giant spectres of Elvis and Liberace at the very least.

Pride's Purge


Snow storms have caused travel chaos across the country leaving many people stranded after The Times newspaper announced it was awarding UKIP leader Nigel Farage its prestigious annual ‘Briton of the Year’ award today.

The Met Office also issued a severe weather warning for ice across the whole of the UK as it warned temperatures are set to plunge as a result of the distinguished Rupert Murdoch newspaper praising the UKIP leader as the “man of the moment” in its editorial.

And there were reports of motorists having to abandon their vehicles overnight as temperatures dropped as low as -10C just hours after The Times declared that no other person had done more to shape British politics in 2014 than Mr Farage.

The bad weather comes exactly a year after weather experts say The Times was responsible for triggering severe flooding and power cuts across many parts of the UK by making the chancellor George Osborne its 2013 ‘Briton of…

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