Hapless Mail journalist hoaxed over ISIS photo gets taken down by Twitter user

More evidence of Daily Mail bigotry and incompetence. The Daily Mail should learn an important lesson from this: there are people out there on the web, who are brighter and better informed than they are. And they’re all reading and sending up Paul Dacre’s mighty organ.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Mail!)

Ted Thornhill – the hopelessly incompetent Mail Online senior reporter who was hoaxed by the false story about a non-existent ISIS fighter – has been desperately asking around social media in a vain attempt to try to save face:


So full marks to @ruqxx for this excellent reply – which manages to say everything there needs to be said about the Mail when it comes to anything Islamic:



Of course if Ted had done even a bit of research, he would have realised that the story about a supposedly white ISIS fighter joining ISIS because he missed the UCAS deadline for entry into university was a hoax.

Not least because the UCAS deadline closes on the 15th of January.


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