Sick Murdoch ‘celebrates’ end of bloody siege by congratulating his own newspaper

This isn’t the first or only time by any means Murdoch has been less than sympathetic towards the victims of terror and the Western security forces charged with combatting it. There’s a very interesting review of a new biography of the Dirty Digger over at the parapolitics magazine, Lobster. This provides several examples of the way Murdoch will sacrifice patriotism and endanger lives, simply for his own profit. When Murdoch decided he was going to abandon Labour for the Tories, one of the tactics he used to attack Brown’s administration was to run stories in his rags about how our lads and lasses in Afghanistan were being beaten by the Taliban. This aroused considerable concern amongst the top brass in the army as the Taliban were using the stories as propaganda. One senior army general even arranged a meeting with Brown to explain this.

And Murdoch has the utter gall in his rags to claim they’re patriotic, when he climbs over the corpses of others to sell a few more of them.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s Rupert Murdoch!)

Rupert Murdoch was clearly so overcome with emotion when he heard that two hostages had died as a result of the Sydney siege, he decided to express his emotions in a tweet:

murdoch congrats


Murdoch’s emotions clearly being immense happiness and self-satisfaction that it was his own newspaper* that was the first to report the tragic outcome.

Which wasn’t even true.


* The Daily Telegraph he is referring to is an Australian gutter rag in his stable of international gutter rags.


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