If DWP lawyers don’t attend tribunals it means benefit claimants AREN’T cheating, Daily Mail!

This is the Mail trying to put a pro-government spin on the fact that claimants are winning about 49 per cent of appeal cases against the DWP. As Mike points out, if staff from the DWP don’t turn up, then it means that they recognise they’re in the wrong. This shows just how venomous the Mail’s hatred of anyone on benefits is, as well as their complete ignorance of a fundamental principle of British: you are innocent until proven guilty, and the onus is on the prosecution to prove guilt, not the defendant to prove their innocence. Now I admit, all this could simply be ignorance on the Matt Chorley’s part, but somehow I very much doubt it. It’s another example of the Mail’s determination to demonise and malign the very poorest in society, just as only a month or so ago they tried vainly to tell the world that people forced to use food banks were also scroungers.

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The Fail has struck again with a comically inaccurate piece about benefit appeal tribunals.

“Benefits claimants cheats (sic) are able to keep money they are not entitled to because government officials fail to turn up to legal hearings,” thundered the piece by MailOnline political editor Matt Chorley, who should know better – both in terms of grammar and logic.

“The Department for Work and Pensions sent lawyers to just four per cent of tribunals held last year to rule on decisions to cut benefits.

“It means that in many cases people are able to successfully argue in favour of keeping their money, because the government has failed to turn up to challenge it.”

No – that’s not what it means.

If the DWP has made a decision not to send lawyers to defend the cancellation of a claimant’s benefit, it means they expect the facts to speak for themselves…

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