Cameron Blocks EU Funding for Food Banks


Cameron contemplates the poor from the standpoint of his own privileged background.

Yesterday’s I carried the story that the EU had voted funds to be available for spending on food banks across the EU, including in Britain. Their offer of help was, however, refused by Cameron, who declared that funding for food banks was best done at the national level. So basically, Cameron and the Coalition refused their money because he doesn’t want the EU superstate interfering in this part of British politics. He’s obviously afraid of appearing beholden to the EU when he goes up against the Europhobic section of his party, and UKIP. He wants the poor to starve, so that he can cow them into submission while appearing as the strong man of British nationalism and independence.

There is thus absolutely no reason why anyone, who was unemployed, or whose job is insecure, to vote for any of the Eurosceptics after this, whether Tory or UKIP. They’d clearly rather you starved.

The attitude reminds me of Iran’s refusal of foreign aid in the 1980s. I can’t remember quite when, but sometime in that decade, perhaps 1987, there was a terrible earthquake in the north of Iran, in one of the Turkic speaking provinces bordering Azerbaijan. There were immediately offers of help from the international aid agencies, including charities like Christian Aid. The regime flatly refused them, seeing them as a means by which the Great Satan of America and the West would spread decadent, foreign beliefs like Christianity. And so the people of the region suffered. The result was, unsurprisingly, a legacy of anti-clericalism and hatred of the regime. Cameron’s refusal of aid from the EU should do the same over here.

Looking at him, it’s clear that he shares the same contempt for the poor and starving as Marie Antoinette, who said ‘Let them eat cake’. The only difference is, the starvation from which the French people were suffering was a natural famine. This time it’s definitely caused by the Coalition, who are also aristos nearly to a man.

And after that, came decades of revolutionary war and bloodshed.

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12 Responses to “Cameron Blocks EU Funding for Food Banks”

  1. pippakin Says:

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    There’s been a kind of self imposed taboo about Cameron I’m breaking it here: One of the main reasons Cameron was elected was that people the electorate felt sorry his son was so badly disabled and he appeared to be a very caring father. You have to wonder if the caring father bit was an act because there’s no sign that he cares for anyone with any disability or disadvantage.

  2. Paul Smyth Says:

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  3. Editor Says:

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  4. Mike Sivier Says:

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  5. pippakin Says:


    You’re right he did! But I remember thinking at the time that as unlikely as it seems its not impossible to think someone else has charge of the child. Hindsight is a great thing we can all now see that perhaps not paying sufficient attention has always been a problem for him.

  6. Guy Ropes Says:

    “………..funding for food banks was best done at the national level.” The incalculable amount of fraud and corruption within Europe was – the EU stated 10 days ago – “best done at national level” Precious little need for the EU as a construct then if we have to do things “at a national level”.

  7. The Rambling Sea Horse Says:

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  8. The Swans New Party Says:

    Food banks are a lie as only 3 vouchers in a year.

    If you are hungry one day, you are hungry every day.

    In Athens Greece, there are daily soup kitchens by local councils, but many by churches funded by charities.

    National government in the UK is not funding food banks. They are charities, mostly churches.

    Taking money from the EU to fund food banks would make UK have to admit that welfare reform is the cause of starvation.

    Starvation – it takes weeks to die of thirst – and a month or so to die of hugner.

    So what use are food banks please?

    Shut all the Jobcentres,
    release all the management,
    redeploy benefit staff as retrained canteen staff and
    turn all Jobcentres into daily soup kitchens, 7 days a week
    to all lost benefit and state pension at 60, and meals on wheels to house bound elderly and disabled/chronic sick.
    Sign petition today, tomorrow is too late
    gagging law comes into force soon that ends petitons

    Petition includes
    – working poor – no state pension
    – loss of state pension less than 10 years NI,
    – housewives – no state pension

    This would save burden on NHS of admissions for malnutrition (no money to buy food).

    Mandatory donations of surplus food from:
    – local supermarkets,
    – high street food shops and restaurants,
    – caterers,
    for the daily soup kitchens open 7 days a week

    Funding neutral as government charge businesses to throw perfectly edible food to landfill whilst nation starves, and all welfare reform admin ended.

  9. stewilko Says:

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  10. Joan Edington Says:

    Cameron will never take a thing from the EU and he must be livid that someone has reported the food bank funds being available. He wants us all to believe that we have to get out of Europe because we get nothing from the EU. He has acted in exactly the same way by not applying for an EU emergency grant for the flooding. If people all knew what we could have been getting back, they would be much less likely to follow him (and UKIP) in his rediculous wish to take the UK out of Europe.

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