From: Kitty Jones’ Blog: Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals

I found this article on the Atos disability assessment form on Kitty Jones’ blog. It’s an detailed critique of the deceptive nature of the Atos assement forms. She begins

There are three essential ideas to keep in mind when claiming Employment Support Allowance (ESA) because of the nature of the ESA50 form, and the fact that Atos are seeking to deny benefits, and NOT assess disability: this will not be a fair investigation of your health issues.

This information needs to be shared widely so people are made aware of them, and can use them when claiming ESA or appealing.

These very helpful ideas are:

• Reliably, repeatedly and safely

• Exceptional circumstances – Regulations 25 and 31, 29 and 35

• Atos assessments and pitfalls – how they try to deceive you

I know a number of disabled people, who genuinely cannot work because of their disabilities, who have been thrown off benefit following their assessment by Atos. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, my brother is busy trying to get the DWP to release the exact figures on how many people have killed themselves following the cancellation of their benefit by Atos. The British satirical magazine, Private Eye, has also run a number of stories about how Atos has wrongly assessed severely disabled men and women as ‘fit for work’. Incredibly, this has included the terminally ill, who require any number of drugs simply to keep breathing. Other magnificent achievements in either callousness or incompetence include the physical location of the Atos assessment offices. These have been placed in the upper floors of office buildings, so that those with mobility problems have difficulty actually getting to their assessment.

In this background of callousness and incompetence, Kitty Jones’ article is therefore a very worthwhile treatment and expose of Atos and their mistreatment of the disabled.


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4 Responses to “From: Kitty Jones’ Blog: Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals”

  1. Mike Sivier Says:

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    Here’s some material that comes around every so often and is always useful when it does – essential info for ESA claims, assessments and appeals. Read if you’re about to have one (and read if you’re not – so you know what it’s like).

  2. Stolen innocence 2012 of United Wheeldom Says:

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  3. paultmill Says:

    Reblogged this on paultmillington and commented:
    I think if they want to use a building for assessments it should be accessible to all otherwise they ar discriminating against people with mobility problems

  4. Tina Davidson Says:

    Thank you Kitty Jones, I was at the end of my tether, I was presented with an ATOS medical report that was not only inaccurate it was also incomplete. I used your advice to appeal the medical report, the appeal was rejected by the DWP, as they only re-read the medical report, never asked the original HCP if he had maybe made a mistake etc….. they never contacted my GP or consultant but deemed that not only was I fit to work but I could do it in a wheelchair !! I had an operation 12 months ago that has damaged the nerves and muscles in my left buttock and left thigh and although during the ‘medical assessment’ the HCP reported that I was able to sit in a wheelchair, ( on one bum cheek I assume ) he also stated that I had a dog, which I don’t, my daughter has a dog , my daughter lives with me, and she is 20 years old., the dog is not my responsibility . I have had OT in at the request of my doctor to make my life easier. I also presented a letter from my GP supporting my appeal and a letter from my consultant verifying my ailment, When I went into the tribunal the ‘judge’ told me that he had no reason to believe that the ATOS report was either flawed or inaccurate !! 45 Minutes later and 45 very long and stressful minutes later, the judge excuses me from the room, does not request my witnesses, and asks me to wait outside. 5 minutes later not only am I awarded the 15 points I need but I have the 18 points that I predicted I should be awarded. What still upsets me is that , there are people who may not have the confidence or support that I have that are really wondering who is gonna listen and who is going to believe them ? I was so close to giving up, I have been threatened with eviction from the local council because for the last 6 months I have had to live off £71 a week. My rent has been paid my council tax was sorted after being threatened with court., I had to borrow the money for that. Bedroom tax is £12.94, per week I owe £131 in rent now. It will get paid when I get me arrears reimbursed, but if I had not won the appeal I would not be here typing this. My biggest concern is for those that dont have the support of the ‘fight ‘ left in them.

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