Blog of Interest: Depression’s Collateral Damage

I’ve added a new blog to the links here. It’s Depression’s Collateral Damage. It’s the blog of two people, who live with depressed spouses and have written books about coping with the situation. I’ve added it because unfortunately depression is rising in the UK. As I’ve blogged about before, there have been recent reports that depression is increasingly affecting children. According to a report in the Independent, some kids as young as eight now have thoughts of suicide. A few years ago there was a report that one quarter of university students will suffer from depression at some time during their studies. This is taken seriously by the universities themselves. On some university lecturer training courses they include this for those students wishing to pursue careers teaching in academia. It’s one reason why a student’s work may be poor. Rather than being lazy, which also occurs, they may actually be ill and finding life and work difficult.

The condition affects all manner of people, from all sections of society.The scientist and atheist polemicist, Lewis Wolpert, for example, has written an account of his own experience with depression following the death of his mother, A Malignant Sadness. The perception that people with genuine depression are somehow malingerers can also be very harmful. I’ve known individuals with a very strong work ethic, who have found it at times difficult, if not impossible to work. This has actually exacerbated their condition, as they’ve panicked, fearing that they will never get a job. There are campaigns here in the UK to encourage greater understanding of mental illness, which obviously includes depression. I also recall that a few years ago, the BBC soap Eastenders ran a series of stories in which one of the characters suffered from depression. After the episodes a voice stated that there was an advice line open for those, who had been touched by this story. I have to say that if there is anything more likely to make you even more depressed and miserable than you already area, it’s probably the unending squalor and misery in Eastenders and the other soaps. The BBC was, however, providing a service here, and attempting to make people take the disease seriously. This is always welcome. There are some very good books to help sufferers, and I strongly advise those with it to seek medical help. It is not like ‘feeling a bit down’, and sufferers cannot ‘pull themselves together’ and get over it. To return to the above blog, I don’t know how helpful it may be, but I’ve included it just in case.

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    Thank you for the shout-out. Bern and I have made it our goal to decrease the stigma of brain illness and to support people who live with and care for those who struggle with such issues. If our words help anyone in this situation to survive and maintain their own health, we are truly thankful! -Amy,

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