Open Britain Launches Stop Farage Campaign

I had this email from the internet activist group Open Britain yesterday. They’re concerned about the rising popularity of Farage and the Faragist parties and tendency in the Conservatives, and so are launching a campaign to stop him. This is accompanied by another campaign to encourage people to vote, as they’re also worried by low voter turnout and increasing demoralization among the voting public. I think this may be too much for me to get involved with, but I’m putting it up here for anyone who’s interested.

‘Hi David

You’ve heard a lot from us in previous weeks about the tragic state of British politics. We have some good news for you today, Open Britain has a plan. 

How we’re fighting back in 2023

We can’t sit back and watch the fate of Britain struggle. While many are looking at a future general election with great favour, this is not the time to only sit and  watch. Remaining vigilant is not enough in these turbulent times which is why Open Britain is proud to launch two very different but two incredibly impactful campaigns. 

Stop Farage

Farage and his damaging ideology are back. He never really went away but the Reform party, set up as the Brexit party by Farage and led by his pal Richard Tice, is doing better and better in the polls day by day.

We need to end the myth that Farage is an honest man supporting every day Britons. His ideology is driving a stream of inconsiderate and dangerous policies and is empowering the far-right within the Conservative party. We’re campaigning to reduce his influence.

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Plan to Vote

Too many people in the UK don’t vote, their vote. This is for many reasons, sadly a good number of people are simply disillusioned. 

We’re frightened that the next elections could be the worst election yet. Changes in the rules means that people who want to vote may be turned away. The new rules have been rushed in, we want to help people plan to vote.

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Help us help everybody

While these campaigns are ongoing we will of course be continuing our usual activities. You will still receive regular updates about democracy and still see us pushing other campaigns to fix our country.

Support Open Britain

Kind regards



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12 Responses to “Open Britain Launches Stop Farage Campaign”

  1. Brian Burden Says:

    This is an issue which Starmer should be addressing, but it seems all too possible that he is less interested in winning elections than in beating the left-wingers in his party into centrist submission.

  2. Brian Burden Says:

    Calls for a revival of the Anti-nazi League and the Balham Group! Are any of the people involved with these movements still alive and kicking?

    • beastrabban Says:

      That’s a good question. I thought the Anti-Nazi League broke up when the Socialist Workers infiltrated it and tried to turn it into a front organisation. I’m afraid I haven’t heard of the Balham Group, so if you could fill me in on them I’d be grateful.

      • Brian Burden Says:

        The ANL was actually a creation of the SWP, along with Rock Against Racism, formed with the specific aim of resisting a burgeoning National Front. They were probably the brainchild of Paul Foot, at that time editor of Socialist Worker, which publicised their activities. Both organisations did stirling work for the anti-racist cause. There was no concealment or hidden agenda and they were kept separate from the SWP. Many Labour Party branches afiliated, including the one I belonged to. I don’t know where I got “Balham Group” from. It was actually the 43 Group, and consisted mainly of Jewish war veterans, who were dedicated to breaking up Mosley meetings. After his release from the Tower, Mosley went right back to his anti-semitic rabble-rousing and attracted an alarming amount of public support. The 43 Group decided direct action was called for, and the police, many of them war veterans themselves, obligingly turned a blind eye. How different from today!

      • beastrabban Says:

        Thanks for clearing that up. I’ve heard of the ’43 group. I came across a book on them in one of the remainedered bookshops in Cheltenham. But I didn’t know that about Rock Against Racism and the Anti-Nazi League. One of the books I’ve been using, a history of British Fascism up to 1986, stated that the SWP infiltrated them and that they collapsed when most of their membership left. But you seem to have personal experience of these movements and a different perspective, so that’s interesting and important.

        Of the police ignoring Mosleyite campaigning, Lobster published a piece about it a few years ago, and how the Fascists after the War carried on preaching in public, including making the anti-Semitic toast, PJ, for Pereat Judah.

      • Brian Burden Says:

        I’m sure this “infiltrated” is a paranoid right wing canard. The SWP was there right from the beginning. Around that time, Socialist Worker was doing an excellent job publicising excellent causes, such as the campaign against asbestos dumping and providing a platform for feminists supporting David Steele’s abortion bill. The right seems incapable of understanding that the adherents of some political movements are motivated by idealism and altruism and not merely the wish to impose their own ideological agenda. It was this spirit which Corbyn brought to the Labour Party. But, as Wilhelm Reich wrote: “I tell them they don’t have to hate, and they hate me for telling them!”

  3. Mark Pattie Says:

    Ah yes, Nigel Farage, the City financier turned Member for 20 years of the same Brussels club he so claimed to hate! So in touch wi’ t’ ordinary folk of Barnsley, int’ ‘e? As for Tice, the man’s got dodgy offshore connections! The only Brexiteer party leader I find remotely credible is William Coulston (of the SDP). He’d be better suited for the Red Wall-ers than Tice, Farage or Sleazebag Hamilton!

    • beastrabban Says:

      I don’t know about Coulston, as I was surprised to hear that the SDP were still going, but I’ll take your word for it. I don’t think we have them down here in Bristol, but I might be wrong. But as for Farage, Tice and the Hamiltons – they’re also shams. They have absolutely nothing in common with ordinary working people, though Farage has been very successful in cultivating an image as just an ordinary cover who enjoys a pint and ciggie.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I presume you wouldn’t consider voting for his SDP if they were standing in Bristol next year? However, surely there are some more conservative Labour MPs still. Maybe Ms Smith is one of them?

      • Brian Burden Says:

        I was about to post my comment when a wordpress ad suddenly overwhelmed the screen, so I don’t know if it registered or not. Briefly, the tories have to go, so it makes sense to vote for the candidate most likely to dislodge them, with the exception of JLM or others involved in Corbyn bashing. A progressive coalition wd be a nice idea, except that I suspect Starmer would sooner make a pact with Farage or the devil himself than with any even moderately left-leaning party. Even so, it is high time Jezza drew decisively on the huge reservoir of good will which exists for him, instead of pratting about worthily on the sidelines!

      • beastrabban Says:

        That’s the problem – I don’t think I really fit any political party. I believe in the welfare state, strong trade unions, the nationalisation of the utilities and the NHS – all that lovely good stuff that has kept Britain great, but have some very traditional views about society. So I don’t really want to vote for the Labour right.

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