Drag Queens, Freemasons and the World Economic Forum: The Weird Conspiracist Views of Correct, Not Political

I spent some time Saturday evening watching a couple of videos posted by the far right YouTube outfit, Correct, Not Political. One was of their man Jim walking around the demonstrators and supporters at Drag Queen Story Time in Colchester asking them awkward, ‘Socratic’ questions. The other was an interview between Jim and another fixture of the British far right, Godfrey Bloom. Both were weirdly interesting, but only for the light they cast on these two men’s conspiracist views. I’ve already written about how Correct, Not Political has the classic paranoid idea that the Masons are behind a massive conspiracy. His interview with Bloom, and the comments he made talking to some of the people in Colchester confirmed it. It also revealed him to be a mad anti-vaxxer who thinks they’re putting something in it to kill people as part of the WEF’s goal to reduce the human population on the planet.

The drag queen reading to the kids in Colchester was Edward Wilcox, who performs under the name ‘Ann Nemic’ or something similar. Talking to various members of the crowd, Jim said that ‘Nemic’ had been vaccinated twice, and given blood 92 times. He didn’t want to say too much, as he didn’t want his channel to be banned, but didn’t this tell you something. Er, yes. It demonstrates that he was like everyone else and did as the government and medical authorities advised. He got vaccinated to protect himself. As for giving blood 92 times, one of the women at the demonstration pointed out that it made him a good person and that surely you want people to give blood? His stage name also shows that he has a sense of humour: Ann Nemic/ anaemic. It doesn’t say anything more than that, unless you’re so paranoid you think he was actively trying to spread whatever it is in the vaccine which you think is a poison by donating his contaminated blood. Sadly, I think Jim really is that bonkers.

Looking at the crowd, he declared, ‘There isn’t half a lot of sodomy going on here!’ This was probably because they were quite a few gay people and people waving pride flags, not because gay men were having sex in the street. He then went round warning people that drag queen story hour was a plot to indoctrinate kids with gender ideology and abuse from paedophiles. Here he has a point. James Lindsay has read out a paper co-written by a drag queen and queer activist, which states that the purpose of these shows is to queer the children’s minds and upset gender norms. And yes, the founder of Queer Theory, Judith Butler, did support paedophilia and the breaking down of barriers between adult and child. But this doesn’t mean that every drag queen, library or school which stages these sessions holds such views or is even aware of their existence. They may just be doing it because they genuinely feel it is spreading tolerance towards gay and trans people whilst encouraging children to read. No more than that.

Walking around the demonstration was a bald bloke, who looked a bit like the Matt Lucas character George Daws, selling copies of the Socialist Worker. So Jim immediately called him a Communist, asked whether he was trying to get people to sign up for Communism, and then asked people to tell him if there was a country in which Communism had ever succeeded. Well, technically the man was a Trotskyite, which is a slightly different form of Marxism. And I actually agree with him in that there hasn’t been a country where Communism has been successful. China has been doing very well of late, but that’s also thanks to a capitalist component in its economy. But from where Britain stands at the moment, capitalism isn’t working very well either. Far from improving people’s living standards, they’re being lowered. However, the right haven’t given up the refrain that this generation has it far better than anyone else at any time in history, and capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than socialism has. The first part of that statement is utterly wrong, and the second needs serious qualifications.

The drag show, Jim said, was all about promoting equality. But this was equality under communism, where everyone didn’t have life equally good, but equally bad, except for those at the top. Again, this seems to come from critiques of the woke ideology from James Lindsay and the EDIJester. It’s certainly present in those ideologies, though its equity – equality of outcome – rather than equality of opportunity. There were a couple of examples of this in the American education system a month or so ago. One teacher, in the interest of equality, gave all her students an ‘A’. Another one just gave the average award to a series of excellent students, who actually deserved much higher marks to take them into one of the prestigious American universities to study science. This was eventually revealed after an inquiry and possibly legal action. I have yet to hear of a case like this in this country, however.

Jim also got shirty with the Trotskyite because the man called him a Fascist and a Nazi. Jim told him that was libel, to which the fellow rightly pointed out that it was slander, as he’d know if he’d actually had any knowledge of the law. As Jim has prefaced several of his livestreams with old footage of Oswald Mosley and the BUF, and that Mosley changed his benighted organisation’s name to the ‘British Union of Fascists and National Socialists’, it could be said that what the man said was fair comment.

When someone asked who was behind this plot to corrupt Britain’s kids, Jim replied that, again he didn’t want to say too much, but it was the Freemasons, citing a couple of 19th century authors, who, he said, were themselves 33rd degree members of the brotherhood. I’ve forgotten just who they were, but their names rang a bell among the sources cited by those convinced of such a conspiracy. Finally, after bothering the good burghers of Colchester for about an hour, and nearly being assaulted by some particularly angry LGBTQ+ rights demonstrators, he went off in search of something to drink. Going through the town’s back streets, he complained about the number of ‘weirdos’ there were and that it was all coffee houses. Quite what he has against coffee houses I don’t know. Perhaps he was afraid that if he went inside, left-wing intellectuals would all jump on him like the characters in Fraser all those years ago.

His conspiracist views became much clearer in his conversation with Godfrey Bloom. Bloom announced himself has having been an investment banker for 40 years and at one time a member of the defence council or something like that. He was thus well-placed to know that capitalism was about to collapse. Actually, there’s a Marxist economics professor on YouTube, Richard Wolf, who has being saying exactly the same thing. And if it hadn’t been for Brown in 2008, I’m sure it would have collapsed. The two then shared their views on the World Economic Forum wishing to depopulate the planet, set up Green Communism and make us all eat bugs. The WEF has captured all our institutions, including the monarchy. Prince Philip also believed there were too many people on the planet. Well, the late Duke of Edinburgh was the head of the World Wide Fund for Nature, so his views are hardly a surprise. The WEF are Malthusians, which means that they believe that population always outstrips the supply of available food, as suggested by the 19th century economist Thomas Malthus. Malthus and his followers believed that when this happened, starvation and war would inevitably result. In order to prevent this, they recommended birth control and were active promoting contraception. As did the Duke, who on one of his official visits to some tribe showed the men how to put on a condom using a spear. However, the WEF were going much further and planning to wipe out a sizable chunk of humanity using a manufactured disease or its vaccine. Those who survived would be under the WEF’s new communist order.

This made me wonder if Jim knew about the wretched views of the late zookeeper John Aspinall, best known for his big cats killing and mauling people. Aspinall also believed that there were too many people around. He said the British population should be only eight million. However, he definitely wasn’t a communist of any description. He declared that what the country needed was a ‘counterrevolution, Francoist in spirit.’ So his green views were closer to Hitler’s than the WEF. And almost certainly pretty close to Jim’s and Bloom’s.

Correct, Not Political’s Jim therefore seems to have read or watched much material about the woke ideology, especially Queer Theory, and mixed this up with old conspiracy theories about the masons. I also think there might be a touch of anti-Catholicism in their as well. When he was voicing his objections to drag queens reading to children as getting them used to nonces, one woman asked him about Roman Catholic priests abusing children. He didn’t agree with that, either, but said he didn’t agree with established religions as ‘they’re from Satan’. But some of the other things he has said, and they’re nothing I can put a precise finger on, suggests that he might have the same conspiracist views about the Catholic church, which is supposed to be doing the work of the antichrist, as some as the bigoted Protestant writers of the 19th century.

Correct, Not Political aren’t physically violent, and while Jim’s sneers about socialism are irritating, he personally has an affable manner. I can’t say that they present a physical danger, unlike National Action or the BNP, for example. What is dangerous is the mad anti-vaxxer views and the deranged paranoia about the WEF, which he also shares with the Lotus Eaters, Alex Jones and any number of others on the right. And these views are a danger to democratic politics, if only because the undermine proper democratic views in favour of suspicion and paranoia.


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14 Responses to “Drag Queens, Freemasons and the World Economic Forum: The Weird Conspiracist Views of Correct, Not Political”

  1. trev Says:

    Was one of the 19thC.Masonic writers Albert Pike by any chance? A man who has notoriously been misunderstood and misquoted.
    I remember reading a Hare Krishna book many years ago by the then leader and founder of the movement the late A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and I recall something about the notion of there being too many people in the world, which the book refuted on the grounds that planet/’mother’ earth is self-regulating and couldn’t /wouldn’t give birth to more children than it/she could support. The trouble arising then not from level of population but inequality and an imbalance in distribution of wealth and resources.

  2. Brian Burden Says:

    The theme of the first and best Dan Dare serial in Eagle (1951) was that Earth was failing to produce enough food for its population, so Dan & co were sent off to Venus to broker a deal with its inhabitants to send us their surpluses. An altogether wacky and irrational proposition, but Frank Hampson’s artistic integrity made it credible.

  3. Brian Burden Says:

    An entertaining book regarding masonic conspiracies is Stephen Knight’s Jack The Ripper The Final Solution, which posits the notion that the Ripper’s victims had been engaged in a plot to blackmail Buck House over a secret marriage between the Duke Of Clarence and Mary Kelly – the Ripper’s final victim – and that the murders were royal/masonic retribution and a warning to anybody tempted to do likewise. To make his theory work, Knight argues that the Protocols, generally seen as a straightforward anti-Semitic hoax, are actually a masonic blueprint for world domination (“Juwes” = masons). He also argues that the nature of the victims’ wounds and random objects left on the scene were masonic symbols, meaningful only to high-ranking masons such as the top brass of the Met, and had the effect of signalling to them not to investigate too closely! There may be something in the latter.

    • trev Says:

      That quote was from some graffiti scrawled on the wall next to one of the victims wasn’t it? All in double negatives, something along the lines of “The Juwes are not the men that won’t be blamed for nothing”!

    • beastrabban Says:

      Thanks for that – I’d heard that there were various theories that the Ripper was a mason, and the theme appears in a Sherlock Holmes movie in which Britain’s greatest fictional detective goes after him. Holmes is played by Peter Cushing and the film includes the graffiti about the ‘Juwes’. I forgotten what their interpretation in the film is, but they come to the conclusion that the word doesn’t mean the Jews but someone else.

      • Brian Burden Says:

        According to Knight, and the Barlow character (played by Stratford Johns) in an old BBC “unsolved mysteries” series, “Juwes”= Masons. This wd certainly explain why a senior police officer ordered a chalked up slogan near the site of one of the Ripper murders to be erased.

      • beastrabban Says:

        I hadn’t heard that a police inspector had ordered graffiti near one of the murder scenes to be erased, but I really don’t know much about the Ripper at all.

  4. Mark Pattie Says:

    They seem to be BNP/PA supporters, who obviously blame the Jews for non-White immigration into Britain. Except that’s BS- would it not be the CCP who would be funnelling mass migration into Europe (as part of their expansionist-fascist quest for domination) or India (as “payback” for Britain’s colonization of that country). Or they seem to have forgotten that it was White European colonisers who diluted the “indigenous races” of the Americas, Australia and NZ by forced genocide 100-plus-plus years before Kalerghi. Et voilà, I’ve thoroughly debunked their BS.

    • beastrabban Says:

      It’s not hard. Barbary Barnaby, the head of BLM UK, does seem to regard mass non-White immigration as payback for us oppressing the rest of the world under colonialism. She said that an online Arise meeting against Neocon imperialism I was on the other year. And Lukashenko invited people from Asia and the Middle East into Belarus with the promise that they could sneak into the EU as a way of destabilising the west. But yes, what Correct, Not Political believe is all rubbish.

      I wonder what their man knows about Mosley. Given the way he sneers at socialists and commies, I do wonder how he’d react to Mosley’s corporative state and the House of Lords being changed into an industrial chamber. This was too left wing for one of the Conservative Fascist groups – I think it may have been the British Fascisti – who denounced it as ‘Communism’. Mosley changed his views over time, coming to reject his corporative ideas as ‘too bureaucratic’. But Mosley and the Fascists still stood for a state-planned economy.

      I suspect that either Jim only knows about Mosley’s ideas from this latter phase, or just thinks that Fascism = patriotism, ethno-nationalism and private enterprise. That’s certainly a lot of Fascist ideology, but not all. And I really wonder if he knows anything about Mosley when he moans about the threat to free speech. Which Mosley definitely was.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        As for who I think is behind the migrant crisis, I think I can convincingly point the Skewering Finger of Shame at some of the dictators this guy probably supports. Namely, Messrs Putin, Erdogan and Assad- as well as the more “liberal” ghouls like Blair, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Macron, Cameron. Not Netanyahu or any equivalent.

      • beastrabban Says:

        Yup, a lot of the migrants do come from the Middle East and North Africa, which has been on the receiving end of the Neocon’s regime changes, and their native dictators are horrific. I think there’s also an economic factor in that some of these countries are unable to provide jobs and a basic living to their people. I heard from a friend that in some of the north African states you have whole families living on the wages of a single member.

      • Mark Pattie Says:

        I can believe that Lukaszenko would sneak migrants from countries like Syria into Belarus, to the extent that Poland and Lithuania have built a massive fence to deter them. Simon Webb says we should seriously copy them! Eh? How about concluding a viable treaty w/ France instead! Saves the £££s.

      • beastrabban Says:

        No, I’m sure you’re right that the fences were already there. But he promised them he could sneak them through. This didn’t happen, and so they were stuck on his side of the border with no support.

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