Megaphone Petition to Defend State Pensions

I got this petition from the left-wing internet democracy group Magephone calling for the triple lock to be reinstated on state pensions so that they rise with inflation, something that Sunak and his bruisers really don’t seem to want to do. I’ve signed it, and if you also feel strongly about this issue, I hope you will sign it too.

‘David —

On 17 November, the government will announce next year’s state pension increase. And right now things aren’t looking good.

Currently, there are 2.8 million older households in fuel poverty, including 1.3 million living on lower incomes.  

The state pension should be increasing in line with inflation, but the government’s suspension of the triple lock has left older people exposed to rampant inflation. 

We are calling on Rishi Sunak to reinstate the triple lock to support retired people through the cost of living crisis. But we need your help to do it. 

We need to show the new Prime Minister how many of us care. We cannot let them get away with attacks on our right to a decent retirement. 

Click here to sign the petition

An attack on pensions now will be disastrous for all of our futures.

Now is the time to act. Sign the petition.

In solidarity,



One Response to “Megaphone Petition to Defend State Pensions”

  1. trev Says:

    I got it too but when I click the link to go to the petition there’s no button visible to sign it or “Add Your Signature”, unless I’ve already signed it, I don’t know. Or are you signing just by clicking the link in the email? If so it doesn’t give you any confirmation that you’ve signed.

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