Far-right anti-semites infiltrating pro-Israel Jewish groups

In this piece from nearly two weeks ago, the always excellent Tom Pride reveals how the Far Right is infiltrating Jewish Zionist organisation in order to propagate their noxious doctrines. This naturally includes the notorious racist and islamophobe, Katie Hopkins, who shocked the Jewish Chronicle a week ago when they found that the audience for her latest propaganda film was largely Jewish. As well as hating Muslims and other non-White folk, Hatey Katey is also frantically pro-Israel.

Another member of the Far Right, who has now decided to support Israel, is Peter Sweden. Sweden’s been attacked for his racist and misogynist views by Kevin Logan, and Tom’s post provides a series of tweets which show just how disgusting Peter Sweden’s views are.

Like he believes Hitler had some good points, denies the existence of the Holocaust, and says that the concentration camps had football pitches and swimming pools. Oh yes, and he believes in the classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. But somehow, he manages to get himself in to a massive pro-Israel convention.

In fact, the links between the Zionist organisations and the gentile Fascist right have been around for quite some time now. Tony Greenstein has pointed out how Israel and the pro-Israel jewish organisations enjoy the support not just of Hatey Katey, but also of Tommy Robinson and his supporters, Paul Besser of Britain First, and a number of other right-wingers and Fascist bootboys and girls.

And this article just adds even more evidence for it.

Pride's Purge

We have truly gone through the looking glass and come out in a world turned upside down.

Rabidly antisemitic far-right neo-nazis and Holocaust deniers are hiding their previous antisemitism and forging links to pro-Israel Jewish groups in order to further the popularity of their anti-immigration ideas and sow hate against the Left.

Far-right antisemite Peter Sweden is a key figure linking far-right groups across Europe. Here is just some of his previous views about Jews, from just 3 years ago:

OK. So far so rabidly anti-semitic.

But just look at our Jew-hater Peter now, in 2019:

And here’s our very own Katie Hopkins being “warmly greeted” by right-wing Jews:

Katie, of course, is a close friend of our Holocaust-denying, rabidly anti-semitic Swedish neo-Nazi, who thinks she’s “lovely”:

I’m certain many Jews would be appalled by this, if only they knew about it.

But of course, the antisemitic views of these…

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