Leading members of Brexit campaign call for privatisation of the NHS (and much worse)

Tom Pride here gives a list of some of the prominent and not-so-prominent politicos behind the Brexit campaign, and their disgusting extreme Right-wing views. These start with the privatisation of the NHS, while others are racist, homophobic, or have the usual Tory contempt for the poor and working class. They themselves are walking incentives for staying in the EU, if only to prevent Britain falling completely into their hands, and the consequent destruction of everything we hold dear.

Pride's Purge

For the record, here are just a few of the views on the NHS – and other things – of leading members of the Brexit campaigns:

Michael Gove (co-convener Vote Leave) – in 2009 called for the dismantling of the NHS. Link here.

Matthew Elliott (chief executive Vote Leave) – is the founder of the Taxpayers Alliance – which has long argued for the break-up of the NHS and private competition in healthcare. Link here.

Philip Davies (Better Off Out Campaign) – once blocked plans to reverse private sector involvement in the NHS by talking out (or filibustering) a private member’s bill. Link here.

Dominic Cummings (campaign director Vote Leave) – once said less privileged children do worse at school due to what he called their “inferior genes”. Link here.

Dominic Raab (campaign committee member Vote Leave) – as recently as last month advocated privatising the NHS. Link here.

Peter Bone (campaign…

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One Response to “Leading members of Brexit campaign call for privatisation of the NHS (and much worse)”

  1. jack wakefield Says:

    I don’t think linking to a guardian smear counts as Pride backing up his claim on Cummings. On the other hand it does demonstrate his desire to misrepresent those he disagrees with.

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