Tories the party of business? Nope. More business owners support Labour

This little fact explains a lot of the rhetoric coming out of the Tory party about Miliband and Labour being damaging for British business. In fact, a survey a little while ago when Blair and Brown were in power found that by and large the middle classes believed that Labour were better for the economy.

And for all their rhetoric, the Tories have never been particularly fond of the small businessman, despite Maggie Thatcher’s folksy stories about living over her father’s shop. Johnny Void’s article published yesterday or the day before shows just how damaging the Tories’ welfare reforms, pushed through by Lord Freud, will be to those trying to make a living as self-employed.

And it’s also not terribly difficult to understand why many small businesspeople believe that UKIP would be bad for them. Most of our trade now is with the European Union, and Leaving the EU would mean leaving the European tariff zone. It would thus become much more expensive to trade with Europe, and so business would suffer.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Here’s some very interesting research that just about every part of the mainstream press ignored.

A survey of UK business owners by business comparison website Make It Cheaper, showed that most business owners support Labour.

According to the survey, the Labour Party were the favourites among business owners on 21.7%, followed by the Conservatives on 20.9%.

UKIP were voted the most damaging for small businesses, with over 27.3% of business owners saying that – should UKIP get into power – the party would have a negative impact on their business overall.

The survey included small and medium-sized businesses – which make up 99.9% of business activity in the UK, with big businesses making up just 0.1%.

In other words, the Tories are NOT the party of business as they like to claim.

They’re the party of BIG business.

Which is not the same thing at all.



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