Right-To-Buy policy shows David Cameron is just a pound shop Margaret Thatcher

Tom Pride here tells you exactly what this policy is: a rehash of Thatcher’s right to buy from the 1980s. And he’s exactly right about the consequences. Many people saw their homes transferred from the local councils into the hands of private housing associations, who immediately jacked up the rents. The result of this is the current chronic shortage of council housing, also described on their blogs by Johnny Void and Mike over at Vox Political, amongst many, many others.

As for the description of Cameron as a ‘pound-shop Maggie Thatcher’, that’s becoming increasingly true across a broad range of policies. A week or so ago the British forces in the South Atlantic were even strengthened for an attack on the Falklands, or so it was reported on MSN. Perhaps Dave was hoping the Argies would win, so he could be a great war leader, like Winston Thatcher?

If they do, then this time both we and the Falkland Islanders will be sunk. We managed to beat the Argentinians because we had the support and assistance of both America and Chile. I doubt such aide will necessarily be forthcoming this time round.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s David Cameron!)

David Cameron has today announced his supposedly big policy idea which is supposed to win him the election.

It’s a return to one of Thatcher’s failed policies from the 1980s – the so-called ‘right-to-buy’.

The policy failed over 30 years ago because all it has done is to put huge numbers of former council flats in the hands of multi-millionaire landlords who are demanding extortionate rents.

As a good illustration of the kind of people who have benefited from the policy, the son of Thatcher’s ‘right-to-buy’ housing minister now owns 40 ex-council homes himself:

Son of Thatcher’s ‘right-to-buy’ housing minister now owns 40 ex-council homes

Cameron has no ideas of his own and is reduced to trying to copy failed policies from over 30 years ago.

Cameron is nothing more than a pound shop Margaret Thatcher.


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