UKIP candidate in bizarre call for Barack Obama to be kidnapped

This is Tom Pride’s perspective on Jeremy Zaid’s call for the kidnapping and trial of Barak Obama by the Israelis.

Colin Crouch on his comment to the story adds a bit more information to this. Zaid used to be the Tory MP for Harrow, until he lost his seat and then defected to the Kippers. He has then subsequently made numerous appearances on radio. You wonder if he’ll still be doing them after making such an outrageous comment. It’s possible the stations will still let him appear as a right-wing contrarian of independent views. Or a swivel-eyed loon the audience can laugh at.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

No really, I kid you not.

A UKIP parliamentary candidate has called for US President Barack Obama to be kidnapped:

UKIP Would Be MP Calls For The Kidnapping Of President Obama

Oh Britain – you had your fun at the European elections.

Now please tell me you’re not really thinking of voting any of these cranks into office.


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