Prince Charles at parliament in visit to London’s super sewer to celebrate anniversary

Prince Charles descends into the sewers, no doubt to get away from the nasty stink surrounding Randy Andy.

Pride's Purge


The Houses of Parliament hosted royalty on Wednesday as Prince Charles descended down into the capital’s deepest, darkest and smelliest place to mark 150 years since the opening of the city’s sewerage network opened.

The heir to the British crown visited the House of Commons and its equally polluted and waste-filled sister the House of Lords, which Charles’s great-great-grandfather King Edward VII opened in 1865.

The visit comes just weeks after an official investigation into a political cover-up of child abuse by senior politicians in the 1980s had to be delayed indefinitely after experts warned if the investigation goes ahead there was a serious danger of raw sewage and excrement coming into contact with the fan system belonging to an air conditioning unit in both the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.


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