Your sick notes aren’t good enough claim Ashton under Lyne Jobcentre

Seercharlotte71 gives her account of the demonstration staged on Thursday at Ashton-Under-Lyne against the sanctions system. Among the stories they were told by claimants, the sick and the unemployed, were the statement by four people that, due to not receiving money from the DWP, they were being evicted. One man, who was being evicted, had been paid, but the DWP had totally messed up the amount due and it was massively insufficient.
The main story in the piece is of the sick man, who was told by the Jobcentre that his sicknote was insufficient. This shows you how twisted, malign and illogical the system is, when the informed opinion of a medical professional is disregarded by a poorly trained bureaucrat, with absolutely no medical knowledge but a quota to fill. But then, everything about the Work Capability Test and the sanctions system is based on pseudoscience.
Ashton-Under-Lyme is, of course, the Jobcentre, whose sanctions system has resulted in the deaths of two men within the same number of weeks. This is the reality of the IDS’ perverted schemes – hunger, homelessness and death.

The poor side of life

Yesterday our demo was a very busy one. From the minute we arrived to the minute we left we were inundated with terrible stories and people desperate for help. Nothing really shocks us anymore but it’s becoming very clear to see that universal credit is destroying life’s for both working and non working people.
A man who wanted to remain nameless has been claiming universal credit but he got sick so he did the responsible thing, he went to his doctor and got a sick note. The doctor stated on his sick note his medical condition so he took it into the Jobcentre. He was told that this sick note wasn’t good enough and that he needed to get another one because it needed the words written on it.. “He’s got worse”. He went back to the doctor got another sick note but the doctor quite rightly said I can’t…

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