Nick Clegg offers Syriza a coalition in exchange for seat in Greek cabinet

Clegg might tell the voters that his is a centrist party that will save any coalition government of which it is a part from becoming too extreme, but in reality he’s just Tory under another name. No respectable Left-wing party should have anything to do with him or his gang of two-faced plunderers.

Pride's Purge


Nick Clegg has denied he is getting desperate after he confirmed the Liberal Democrats are willing to form a coalition with Syriza after their victory in the Greek elections yesterday.

The Liberal Democrat leader said his party would add ‘heart’ to an alliance with the left-wing grouping in exchange for a chauffeur-driven Greek government car and a seat in the Greek cabinet.

Clegg’s strong words come just weeks after the Liberal Democrat leader pledged to get tough with his present coalition partners, by promising to tell the Conservatives even to their faces that he’s really quite miffed with them about something.


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