The Company That Dare Not Show Its Face: How Maximus Plan To Hide Their Involvement In The Work Capability Assessment

More evidence from Johnny Void that the difference between Atos and Maximus is simply that the company has changed. The job remains exactly the same. The only difference is that, regarding their reputation, Maximus are bigger corporate cowards. They’re deliberately hiding their involvement, in order to avoid rightly getting the blame for what they do. They really want people to blame the DWP, or indeed, anyone else but them. Their advice that people should blame the DWP instead of themselves for administering the WCA is frankly ridiculous. No-one forced Maximus to bid for the contract, so it is not as if any of their directors or chairmen has been forced into something they find morally repugnant. They are willing accomplices to the government’s policy of forcing the poor and sick off benefit. They therefore deserve an equal share of the blame.

the void

chda-maximus The logo likely to be used on the paperwork for the Work Capability Assessment

Maximus – the US based firm brought in to replace Atos to carry out benefit assessments – will hide their corporate identity behind a hastily erected front company in an attempt to avoid damage to their brand The Guardian revealed yesterday.

According to the paper, the company will not use its logo on letters sent to claimants facing the notorious Work Capability Assessment, instead using a neutral name such as “The Centre for Health and Disability Assessment”.  In fact this company has been up and running since June 2014, suspiciously several months before it was announced that Maximus would be taking over the contract from Atos.  The Guardian should probably have known this, because they are currently running an advertisement for a Social Media Manager for the new company on the recruitment part…

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