BBC claims “incorrect” Salmond report not “intentional”

This is basically damage limitation by the BBC. Too many people across the UK, not just Scotland, are aware of how biased Robinson was and how he falsified Salmond’s reply. Clearly, the Beeb cannot admit that the bias was intentional, and so has to state that it was not. I find this extremely hard to believe. You don’t get to be any kind of reporter without being aware of issues like political bias. And particularly not if you are one of the prized journos stuck in front of the camera on the Beeb’s prime time news. My guess is that the doctoring was not only intentional, but that it also goes all the way to the top. The BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation. By definition, it represents the country’s interests, and seen by the ruling class. And the ruling class in Westminster are determined to preserve the union. He probably saw it as his patriotic duty to serve the national good and preserve the Union by falsifying Salmond’s reply. There’s also the sheer, naked self-interest of the Corporation as well. What happens to the British Broadcasting Corporation north of the border if Scotland votes ‘yes’ to independence? In my opinion, Robinson had every intention of producing a markedly biased report, and did so with the full approval and connivance of his bosses.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)


The BBC has admitted that a report by its political editor Nick Robinson on Alex Salmond during the Scottish independence referendum campaign “was inaccurate” and “incorrect” but claimed they “found no grounds for believing the inaccuracy to have been intentional”.

Robinson – who is a former President of the Conservative Party youth section  – openly edited out an answer by Alex Salmond and told viewers the Scottish First Minister didn’t answer his question:

But Mr Salmond did answer the question. Compare Robinson’s version with this unedited footage of what really happened:

Intentional or not – there was a time when a clear case of factual inaccuracies by a senior BBC reporter like this would have been a sacking matter at the corporation.

No longer it seems.


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