Tories respond to attacks on freedom of speech in Paris by clamping down on it in UK

This really continues the authoritarian trend in politics begun by Thatcher. The British state suspects everyone of being somehow subversive or criminal. Hence the demands for more powers to be given to spy on us by the government, and for confidential records to be shared with other departments of state, all in the interests of catching terrorists, criminals or fraudsters. In the 18th century the aristocracy feared ‘King Mob’ and sneered at us proles as ‘the democracy’. They still fear the proles, and have a deep distrust of democracy, as the Snoopers’ Charter and plans to strip voting rights from the Irish, Pakistanis, Indians and other members of the Commonwealth shows.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – sadly – it’s the UK today!)

The UK seems to have had a total irony bypass.

Last week, UK politicians from all parties were happily attacking a satirical poster for being offensive on the very same day they were supposedly supporting the right for satire to be offensive in Paris.

And now – without a trace of irony – David Cameron has announced that if the Tories win the next election, they will clamp down on freedom of expression in the UK in response to attacks on freedom of expression in France.

Quite frankly I’m outraged.

How on earth are satirists supposed to operate in the UK if our political leaders insist on satirising themselves so much better than we ever could?


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