Tory agent: women MPs are ‘imbeciles’ who need a ‘good slap round the face’

This isn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last that a Tory politicians comes out with something disgustingly misogynistic. The I last week had a piece about the challenge to women in the ‘laddish’ cultures of the universities, including a quote from a Conservative students group congratulating the female students for having made some effort to make themselves beautiful that year. As for attitudes to feminism, there’s a section of the Republican party that really doesn’t like women having the vote, and wishes to have it taken off them. Surprisingly, some of the people who support this seem to be women. One of them is Anne Coulter, who has stated that one of the reasons for America’s decline is that women now have the vote. Yes, I think she is not only mad, but completely and utterly barking. I’ve also read some Libertarian blogs, which have attacked female suffrage and political activism because women in power want to expand the powers of the state, and are therefore enemies of freedom. There are some people out in the Conservative parties, who really haven’t left the 19th century.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tory Party!)

A Conservative electoral agent and parliamentary assistant to a Tory MP has attacked feminists on Facebook saying they ‘need a good slap round the face’.

Stewart Green – who is the parliamentary assistant to Conservative MP for Enfield Southgate David Burrowes and the electoral agent for Enfield Southgate Conservatives – also referred to women MPs as ‘cretinous’ ‘whinging imbeciles’.

Green wrote:

I am absolutely sick and tired of this feminism nonsense. It really has gone too far. Quite a few of these women need a good slap round the face.”

Here’s more detalied information from local newspaper North London Today:

Conservatives embroiled in new woman-hating Facebook row

Blimey. Do the Tories really think they can win the next election without the support of female voters?

I’m no expert on electoral strategy, but I’ve heard there are quite a few of them.


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