Happy New Year Everyone!

This is to wish all the readers and commenters of this blog a very happy New Year. May you and yours enjoy peace, prosperity, health and friendship. And may the Tories and their sick, sadistic policies be turfed out of office ASSAP!

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6 Responses to “Happy New Year Everyone!”

  1. Ulysses Says:

    Happy and a prosperous new year to you and Mike, David…
    I’ve got a feeling that 2018 is going to be a very interesting year!

  2. Robert Fillies Says:

    Happy new year to you sir and as you say,let’s hope we can turf the awful tories out ASAP
    Best wishes
    Robert Fillies

  3. Florence Says:

    Happy New Year, hoping 2018 brings health and happiness to you and your family, and …, Yeah, end the toxic Tory rule, and let us socialists bring as close as peace on earth possible to those unfortunate enough to need our social security by restoring the net. Let every person have food and a home, the health care they need and enough money to be able to belong in our society. Let’s stop selling bombs and weapons, and stop making wastelands of others homes, in “our” name, and let’s make it happen in 2018.

    Love and peace to all.

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