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Mrs Smith – Another Victim of the Government’s Welfare ‘Reforms’

March 1, 2014

MrsSmith, a commenter on Mike’s blog, Vox Political, posted her description of the way she had disappeared from the sickness/ disability statics, in a comment to my piece on the Conservatives, Immigration and the Nazis, which Mike had reblogged. She said

I have ME/severe depression and been on Incapacity benefit for several years, then ESA. The ESA ran out after 12 months (February 2013)but before then, I had a head injury and developed eyesight problems. Completed another ESA50 form in December 2012, finally lost at appeal in December 2013. Not had any money since February 2013 and not entitled to anything else. Had to sign on for JSA in January 2014 but JCplus refused to take my claim because I was too ill to work! Currently not sick enough for ESA (according to DWP) but too sick for JSA (according to DWP). I’ve been ‘disappeared’ from the figures.

This poor lady is caught in a Catch 22 condition: she too ill to work, but officially not ill enough to receive benefits. It’s a brilliant example of this government’s ‘joined-up thinking’, and the way their programme of cutting welfare spending is cruelly punishing the poor and the sick. As one of the ministers stated on the parliamentary debate over the WoW petition Mike covered earlier in the week, the 2 per cent of the population, who are disabled are subjected to 15 per cent of the cuts.