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Joe on Boris’ Johnson’s Massive Failure as Mayor of London

July 23, 2019

Boris Johnson and fans prepare for government.

This is another video from JOE, a YouTuber who’s made a number of videos parodying and criticising Boris and the rest of the Tories. In this one he uses Boris’ colossal failure as mayor of London, and particularly his wretched vanity projects, to show what we can expect from the Eton educated blond moron if he got into power. Which he now has, thanks to all his single-helix inbred mutoid followers. Joe walks around the capital as he talks, showing Johnson’s various projects.

Joe begins by asking if, despite his cartoon clownish exterior, Boris can take power seriously. His legacy in London has been to turn it into a playground for the rich. When Johnson announced his candidacy for Prime Minister, he mentioned his record as mayor on poverty, crime, affordable housing and road deaths. But the statistics he used were difficult to source and, at times, exaggerated. Which is why Joe talks about his physical legacy in London’s built environment. These include the conversion of the Olympic Stadium to West Ham’s football ground, at the cost of hundreds of millions of public money and the Arcemittal Orbit, which features the world’s longest tunnel slide. That was Boris’ idea, and was meant to raise £1.2 million a year to help pay for the upkeep of the Olympic park. It instead cost the taxpayer £10,000 a week because entrance to the Park was less than half of what was expected.

There’s also the fleet of new buses Boris ordered, modelled on the classic ‘Routemaster’ design of the 1960s. However, Transport for London was forced to recall them and retrofit them, because the windows on the top deck didn’t open. Because of this the Routemasters were nicknamed ‘roastmasters’ and in one bus, the temperature a 41° C was recorded. This is higher than the permitted temperature for transporting cattle. The changes cost £2 million, and it wasn’t the first redesign. The buses were originally to have a hop-on, hop-off open back and a conductor, but they were phased out because of expense.

And then there’s the Emirate’s Airline, which was supposed to ferry commuters between Greenwich and the Royal Docks. In 2012 the number of people using the cable car was 16. In 2015, nobody used them. The airline initially believed 70,000 people a week would use it. That’s now dipped to 20,000 and its estimated to cost the taxpayer £50,000 every week. It is the most expensive urban cable car in the world.

Boris also intended to build a garden bridge, somewhere between Waterloo and Blackfriars. But this never got beyond the conceptual stage, and cost Britain £43 million.

Joe then appears on the Tube, saying to the camera, ‘He had nothing to do with the Tube. The Tube’s pretty good’.

He then goes on to talk about Boris’ most significant contribution to London – cycling, including his ‘Boris bikes’. The scheme now covers most of the centre of London. It was supposed to cost the taxpayer nothing, but the public ended up spending over £200 million for it over the course of Johnson’s period as mayor. This makes it the most expensive of its kind in the whole world. Johnson’s dedicated cycle lanes increased congestion while he halved the area of the congestion zone.

Then there’s the Peckham Peace Wall. After the 2011 riots, people wrote messages of love on post-it notes and put them on the plywood boards covering Poundland’s smashed windows. After the damage was repaired, the residents didn’t want to lose this record, and so it became a mural. But at the time London was engulfed in rioting, Boris was on holiday in Canada. It took him three days to decide whether or not to come home.

And that, concludes Joe, is London’s legacy and Britain’s future.

The video then ends with a few more shots of London, accompanied by a piece of Jazz-Blues, and couple of out-takes.

Yep, this is the man the Tories have just decided should be our prime minister. And his record as a government minister has been just as abysmal, as various other bloggers and YouTubers are showing.

As the Ferengi used to say on Star Trek, ‘Ugleee! Very ugleeee!’




Kay Dickinson on the Exclusion of Grassroots Labour Members in West Ham

July 30, 2016

In my last article, I discussed a piece put up earlier today by Mike, reporting that a fifth of the constituency Labour parties that had nominated Owen Smith for leader, had done so in locked meetings from which ordinary, grassroots members were excluded. This was done in Blaenau Gwent, where the sitting MP was a director of Progress, the New Labour faction within the Labour party. It was done in Chuka Umunna’s party in Streatham, and in St. Helen’s North by Conor McGinn, who then span a complete fiction about being threatened by grassroots members when a group of women discovered how he’d misled them.

Kay Dickinson, one of Mike’s readers, posted this comment to Mike’s piece, describing how the same dirty tricks had been done to the members of the Labour party in West Ham. He wrote

Exactly the same happened in West Ham – 57 delegates decided the nomination for a CLP with well over 500 members and apparently the members are fuming – the result was 30-27 for Smith. The same almost happened in Morecambe too – we had an opportunity to speak on behalf of either candidate and not one person spoke for Smith – yet only 8 people in the whole CLP were allowed to vote and the nomination only went JCs way cos one delegate didn’t express a second preference. I’m going to be proposing that delegates are fine for day to day decisions but that there has to be an option for the members to ask for a full members vote for issues they deem important enough. I’d encourage others to do the same – maybe voxpolitical can help make it a national campaign?

See the article at and scroll down. Mr Dickinson’s is the first comment.

As a Labour supporter, I fully back Mr Dickinson’s proposal. In questions like this, the ordinary members should be allowed to vote. Anything else is undemocratic. As for the Blairites, while they may be congratulating themselves in having succeeded in checking some of the overwhelming support for Corbyn, they are in fact storing up massive resentment, a resentment that will be expressed sooner or later. And their antics are doing far more than anything Jeremy Corbyn himself is advocating to discredit Labour as a political party. New Labour has shown itself to be deeply anti-democratic, willing to use lies and horrendous personal smears against its opponents and the ordinary people in its grassroots organisation. Part of the reason Broon lost the 2010 election was because he was despised for apparently looking down on ordinary members of the electorate. And even before then, New Labour had a reputation for spin and ‘negative briefing’, the euphemism given to the attacks on party members and officials, who didn’t toe the line laid down by the Dear Leader Blair.

The Blairites desperately need to clean up their act. They should fully embrace democracy and the wishes of their grassroots members, and make due apology to those they have lied to and about. if they cannot do this, they should leave.