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George Galloway and Dr. Bob Gill on the Tories’ Planned Privatisation of the NHS

January 3, 2018

In this clip from Sputnik, George Galloway, his female co-host and his guest Dr. Bob Gill, discuss the Tories’ planned, programmatic privatisation of the NHS. Galloway states that he’s due to see a skin specialist, but that this has been put back another couple of months, so that it will be about five months before he sees a skin specialist.

The Doctor informs him that this is certainly not be accident. Historically, spending on the NHS has been at 4 per cent. However, since 2010 it’s been a 1 per cent, and the cracks are beginning to show. But it is a mistake to think that this is incompetence. The Tories wish to make the British public turn against the NHS. Hence they are determined to run it down and to do all they can to force confrontations and demoralise the staff. Dr. Gill warns that the privatisation won’t be a ‘big bang’. Instead, the middle class will drift away to seek private medical help. They point to how the private health insurers Vitality are already taking out adverts at football grounds and in the Metro. The female co-host mentions Virgin Care. They expand on this, to say that Virgin Care has done a deal with Vitality. And then, when the British public’s faith in the NHS is broken, they’ll present them with the false solution of going over to a private insurance system.

They point to the fact that people are already paying for a ‘once-off’ just to beat the queues, and George Galloway himself states that he has been tempted with the months he’s been waiting for a skin specialist. He is very firm, however, that he hasn’t and he wouldn’t, but nevertheless, the temptation is there. Dr. Gill states that if someone like Galloway, who believes so very passionately in the NHS can be tempted to go for private health care because of these manufactured delays, so it’s going to be much more tempting for an ordinary person without Galloway’s commitment.

I think Dr. Gill, Galloway and the young lady co-presenter all are all exactly right. This isn’t about incompetence. If it was, Hunt would have been banished long ago. This is a determined campaign to run down the NHS and replace it with a system of private insurance, exactly like the system that is destroying America’s healthcare. All for the profit of the big healthcare companies like Vitality, Circle Health and virgin Care, who have been funding the Tories and Blairite Labour.

The Private Firms Paid Millions to Check Hospital Admissions

January 7, 2017

Last Thursday, the I newspaper carried a story about private companies being paid millions of taxpayers’ money to check doctor’s referrals of patients to hospitals. Yet these centres, run by private healthcare firms, aren’t at all new. They’re mentioned in Alyson M. Pollock’s and David Price’s chapter, ‘From Cradle to Grave’ in NHS – SOS, edited by Jacky Davis & Raymond Tallis, published in 2013. Pollock and Price write

Increasingly, general practice and commissioning functions will be operated and managed by for-profit companies, twenty three of which – including well-established outfits Virgin Care, Care UK and ChilversMcCrae Healthcare – already run 227 general practices. Professional autonomy will be eroded if, for example, referral management centres run by corporate providers are used to ensure referral and prescribing practices conform to corporate budgets and the needs of shareholders. These centres were already rejecting one in eight general practitioner referrals before the full force of the new health law has been felt, and they seem to be operating along the lines of American-style ‘prior authorisation’ arrangements, whereby doctors are required to obtain approval from a higher authority (usually a private health insurance provider) before making a referral for treatment or investigation. Some of the centres, such as UnitedHealth Group UK’s recently established ‘referral facilitation service’ based in Hounslow, are run by subsidiaries of US healthcare multinationals. (pp. 191-2).

Of course, this also shows how fake the Tory claim of giving patients more ‘choice’ in their healthcare actually is. And contrary to another grotty Tory claim, it’s another layer of bureaucracy actually put into the NHS to make it attractive to private contractors.

The whole process of privatisation needs to be reverse. Now. The only political leader determined to do it is Jeremy Corbyn, but you won’t know this from the hysterical denunciations of him for being ‘Trotskyite’ from Blairites and the mainstream press, including the I.