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Victor Lewis-Smith’s True Obituary for Jeremy Clarkson

April 7, 2015

Now that Clarkson has been once again sacked by the BBC, I thought it was an appropriate time to put up the mock obituary for him by the TV critic and prankster, Victor Lewis-Smith on his 1990s series, TV Offal. Enjoy!

Change of Plan: Clarkson Now Wants to Stand against Clegg, Not Milliband

September 18, 2013

According the MSN News this morning, Jeremy Clarkson has now said that he doesn’t want to stand against Milliband. He was, according to the Sun, a bit drunk at the time. He really wants to stand against Nick Clegg in his Sheffield Hallam constituency. See the story itself at

From one perspective, a victory by Jezza over Clegg actually wouldn’t make much difference. Clarkson said that he intends to stand as an Independent, despite being known as a Tory from Cameron’s Chipping Norton set. This would mean that he would stand as a closet Tory pretending that he isn’t, against Nick Clegg. Clegg isn’t a Tory, but has shown little difference from them so far. So, as far as that goes, they’ll be no change even if Clarkson wins.

From another perspective, this looks like a subtle – or not so subtle – attack on the coalition itself. Clegg is the Deputy Prime Minister. If he lost the election, he would have to be replaced. This could spark a crisis in the Liberal party, and strain the Coalition with the Conservatives. According to Monday’s Independent, the number of Libdems, who believe their party has changed for the worst since 2010 has increased by 59 per cent. Clegg’s successor in the Coalition could therefore be more Left-wing, and therefore far less co-operative with Cameron. On the other hand, as a Tory, Clarkson could split the Tory vote, and give Clegg an increased majority.

It’s even possible that this just a strategy to provide a plausible excuse for the Coalition, or at least the working relationship between the two party leaders to fall apart due to differences between Tories and Libdems. If Clarkson did win, and the Liberals forced to choose a successor, the Tories could simply claim that it wasn’t due to personal differences between Cameron and Clegg that ended the partnership. This would allow both politicians to save face. It does, however, still suggest that Clegg is either disliked by his Conservative masters, or simply seen as a tool that has outlived its usefulness and can now be discarded.

The political intricacies of Clarkson’s statement aside, it gives me another excuse to put up another satirical spoof of Clarkson. This time its the mock obituary from the notoriously splenetic TV critic’s, Victor Lewis Smith, aptly titled TV Offal. Enjoy!