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Megaphone Petition Against Redundancies at London Southbank University

May 25, 2023

Just had this internet petition come through from the internet campaigning department of the TUC against the university’s plans to lay of 60 workers and outsource their jobs.


London Southbank University want to cut over 60 jobs next month and outsource low paid workers in Estates and Facilities to private companies by August.

The University’s website says it is rooted in the South London community and strives to positively impact society, but these plans will only make lives worse. In the worst cost of living crisis in memory, they want to leave workers without an income to support their families or at the mercy of profit driven private companies.

Southbank University workers are organising through their union UNISON to protect their jobs and terms and conditions.

Can you add your name and support UNISON members at Southbank University?
Join the campaign – sign the petition

University management want to carry out their attacks on jobs, terms and conditions without anybody noticing. We need to show them that the South London community stands with these workers.

A big public campaign will make Southbank management think twice about the reputational damage layoffs and outsourcing will do to the University’s image.

And it will show the workers that their community has their back and give them extra strength in their fight.

Join the campaign – sign the petition

Something else Southbank says on it’s website is they ‘understand that people are always stronger together’.

So do the workers they are attacking. That’s why they are fighting back together through their union.

So do we. That’s why we are coming together to say ‘no’ to job cuts and outsourcing.


Megaphone UK’

I’ve signed it, and I’ve put it up here in case any of my readers also wants to sign it.

TUC Pledge To Keep on Fighting for Workers’ Right to Strike

May 23, 2023

I got this message from the Trades Union Congress via the Megaphone about an hour ago. It thanks everyone who attended their protest outside parliament yesterday, and pledges that they will carry on fighting the government’s attempts to stifle the right to strike. It also states that they have succeeded in getting the Labour party to repeal the offensive legislation. This is good news, but as it comes from Starmer’s Labour party, I’m afraid I do wonder how far it can be trusted, official platitudes about standing by the unions notwithstanding.

‘Hi David,

It was fantastic to be joined by so many of you in Parliament Square last night to send a clear message to the government: We will not stand by while you attack our right to strike.

As you may have heard, Conservative MPs again decided to support this undemocratic Bill. The Bill will now return to the House of Lords, where Peers will again decide where they stand.

While the government may get this legislation on the statute book, we will not stand by and let them sack a single nurse, paramedic, teacher, railway worker or civil servant.

We will defend the right to strike. And we will defend every worker who exercises that right to strike.

And I am pleased to say won confirmation that the Labour Party will repeal this legislation if they win the next election.

Thank you for everything you have done to build our campaign so far. Your energy and solidarity are the trade union movement’s greatest strength. 

Please continue sharing the petition and building our campaign.

In Solidarity,

Paul Nowak

General Secretary

Trades Union Congress

Call From the Megaphone for People to Protest Anti-Strike Legislation Going through Parliament Tomorrow

May 21, 2023

I got this from Megaphone, the internet publicity section of the TUC on Thursday. As you can see, they’re asking for people in London to join the protest tomorrow against the anti-strike bill, and those outside to write to their MPs asking them to vote against it. I realise that this is very last minute, but I’m putting it up here nonetheless.


The attack on our right to strike has reached a critical point. On Monday, May 22nd, the Strikes Bill returns to the House of Commons where MPs will cast their vote. 

MPs have a clear choice: will they support the rights of working people to go on strike for fair pay? Or will they attack our fundamental rights and sack key workers if they take strike action?

Wherever you are in the country, you have a part to play: 

I live near to London

On Monday, May 22nd, the TUC have called an emergency protest outside Parliament. Can you join and make your voice heard?

At the protest, we will hear from key workers and union leaders on what we must do next. We will not give in until these laws are defeated.

I live outside of London

In the lead up to the vote, we need to put pressure on MPs from all sides of the country! Can you take two minutes to write to your MP and ask them to show up and vote the bill down on Monday?

I will write to my MP

The Tories have supported the bill at every stage, and proved they will stop at nothing to hurt working people. They have seen the impact our strikes have had, and know the public are on the side of striking workers. Their last resort is an outrageous attack on our right to strike.

If the Tories are going to attack our right to strike, we need to make them pay a political price for it. And we need to make sure that opposition parties are committed to repealing this terrible law if they are elected.

Whether in person or online, do what you can to call on MPs to reject the Strikes Bill.

The Tories have supported the bill at every stage, and proved they will stop at nothing to hurt working people. They have seen the impact our strikes have had, and know the public are on the side of striking workers. Their last resort is an outrageous attack on our right to strike.

If the Tories are going to attack our right to strike, we need to make them pay a political price for it. And we need to make sure that opposition parties are committed to repealing this terrible law if they are elected.

Whether in person or online, do what you can to call on MPs to reject the Strikes Bill.

In unity, 

Anthony and Lois,  

Megaphone UK ‘

TUC Spokeswoman Tells Sky News Presenter Very Clearly: the Government’s Lying

April 19, 2023

Here’s a very telling, incisive short put up on YouTube by the TUC. It’s of one of their officials telling a Sky News presenter very clearly that Sunak and the Tories are lying about the strikes. She says the Tories have lied about a number of issues, citing two particular. These were the lie that the striking ambulance workers weren’t providing minimum coverage when they were; and the gross falsehood that they are in talks with the unions when they aren’t. She states that it seems that the government aren’t interested in negotiations or finding a solution to the strikes.

I am not remotely surprised. During one set of elections few years ago, one of the watchdogs checking the claims made in the Tories’ election literature and broadcasts found hundreds, if not over a thousand lies. Labour, however, had only made five false statements. Yet the Tories were claiming to be telling the truth and it was Labour who were the horrible liars with their pants on fire. And I can see how Sunak would want the strikes to continue so that the unions become unpopular because of their actions and he can pose as the defender of the ordinary Brit against the union barons, just like Thatcher.

We Own It Online Event to Support Nationalised Energy Company

April 2, 2023

‘Dear David,

Are you worried about your energy bill rising next month? Do you think the UK isn’t making the most of its wind power? Would you like to see the government cutting your bills AND tackling the climate crisis by investing much more in green energy?

Us too!

On Monday 24th April, 7pm-8pm, we’re holding an online event about Labour’s plans for Great British Energy, a new publicly owned renewable energy generation company, to talk about how this could help.

We’re independent of any political party but if Great British Energy happens, in public ownership, we want it to be a HUGE success.

Sign up now

We would love to see you at this event ‘How to make Great British Energy a huge success?’

We Own It helped to make this policy happen by pointing out that 9 out of 10 leading green countries already have this kind of national champion (and by telling Labour in the Guardian not to be cautious about public ownership).

Now it’s YOUR chance to help make sure the new publicly owned company Great British Energy will cut your bills and make life better for you and your family, friends and community, into the future.

We’ll be releasing new polling about what people want Great British Energy’s profits to be spent on and calling on Labour to invest enough money to make it successful.

The event will include speakers from the TUC, Common Wealth, Green New Deal Rising and Green Alliance and we’re inviting ALL politicians to listen to what people say.

Setting up Great British Energy in public hands *isn’t the same thing* as nationalising the whole energy system (and yes, that’s frustrating) – but it’s a huge step in the right direction of a greener, better future.

A new, highly successful publicly owned company will also prove that public ownership works!

You can show politicians you want this to happen, and you want it to be big.

Sign up now

The government’s energy bills support scheme ends at the start of April. If you’re worried about the impact this will have on you, you can also submit your story to the Guardian (and why not mention the arguments for public ownership in your response!)

You need a net zero energy system that also keeps you warm and cosy. It’s not rocket science, and we can copy other countries like Norway to get there.

See you on Monday 24th April to talk about what this looks like!

Cat, Johnbosco, Matthew, Kate and Imogen – the We Own It team’

This is an excellent idea, and deserves support. Even in America, some states have their own publicly-owned power companies that provide energy more cheaply than their commercial competitors. Thatcherism has failed in the energy sector, and it’s long past time the policy was reversed.

Megaphone Invitation to Join the TUC’s Black Network

February 17, 2023

I got this message this afternoon from Megaphone inviting me to join the TUC’s Black Network for Black trade unionists. Not being Black, I’m not eligible for membership. But I’m putting it up here in case there are any Black readers of this blog who would be interested in joining. It’s part of a wider campaign to celebrate trade unions. This is extremely important, as it doesn’t matter what colour or religion you are, Black, White, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, without strong trade unions to defend us, working people are screwed.

‘Dear David,

For #HeartUnions week, we want to spotlight Black British trade unionists. We know that our movement is strongest when it stands for all members – Black and White – and leads the charge for equality. 

That’s why the TUC have launched the Black Network, a powerful tool that will connect, amplify and support the work of Black trade unionists.

It’s the first step in the national recording of Black workers who are in the Trade Union movement.

From reps and activists, to organisers and trade union employees, it’s time we build a comprehensive and inclusive record of Black collective achievements. 

Make your mark on history and be a part of something truly ground-breaking

Join the TUC Black Network

The success of the network relies on all of us doing our bit to spread the word. Will you encourage your Black and minority ethnic (BME) friends and colleagues to join the network?

Email a friend

Share on Facebook

Share on Twitter

Share on Whatsapp

As the trade union movement renews the fight against racial injustice, we must continue to learn from the past. Take a look at the TUC’s blog and learn about Black and minority ethnic (BME) workers past and present.


Megaphone UK’

The Megaphone’s Images and Messages from Today’s Strikers

February 2, 2023
The biggest strike in a decade: 500,000 people, 84 rallies up and down the country — fighting for fair pay, decent conditions and good services. And to defend our right to strike.
Working people took to the picket lines to demand fair pay, safe conditions and respect
NEU Pay Up! Defend our Schools Rally in London
A series of tweets from trade union advocates across the country, celebrating solidarity, standing together and demanding a pay rise.
The fight continues: join a union today
Already in a union? Share this on WhatsApp
Megaphone UK is a project of the TUC, in collaboration with our 48 member unions and the nearly 5.5 million union members in the UK. We know big change only comes when we stand together. Learn more:

Megaphone Urges People to Join Protests Against Sunak’s Anti-Strike Legislation

January 31, 2023

Rishi Sunak, our unelected Prime Minister, has pushed through parliament his wretched anti-strike legislation. Put working people are organising to push it back. I got this message from Megaphone, the internet campaigning branch of the TUC. There’s a wave of protests planned for tomorrow, and the Megaphone is naturally keen for people to get involved.


Last night, the government rammed its shameful anti-strike bill through the House of Commons.

Instead of tackling the cost of living crisis, the Prime Minister is attacking key workers and clamping down on our most basic rights. 

The campaign to protect our right to strike does not end here. The Bill will now be debated in the House of Lords and there is still time to have these laws scrapped. But that will only happen if we take to the streets. 

On Wednesday February 1st (tomorrow!), working people are coming together at rallies and picket lines up and down the country to defend our right to strike. 

We now have more than 80 events registered on Megaphone, with more being added every hour.

With close to half a million workers on strike tomorrow, it’s the biggest day of industrial action in a decade.

Let’s march together to show our teachers, firefighters, civil servants, rail workers, NHS workers and countless others that we support their action to defend pay, jobs and services. Let’s send a clear message to the government that we will not be ignored. 

Defend the right to strike:

Find a Feb 1st action near me!

Enter your postcode to find your closest event. 

It’s so important that we can strike for fair pay, safe conditions and to protect each other. Without this, we have no right to choose.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to hurt workers everywhere, we need to be able to stand together and choose to strike when we must.

Join an event near you on Wednesday, February 1st.

In Unity,


Megaphone UK’

The protest in Bristol starts at 10.45 am and is at Defra Horizon House, BS1 5AH. I really don’t know where that is, and am unable to attend due to sickness. But I am full square behind the protesters in Bristol and elsewhere in the country.

Get Sunak and the Tories out!

TUC Online Meeting Tomorrow to Defend the Right to Strike

January 17, 2023

I got this email today through Megaphone, the internet activism wing of the TUC. There’s an online meeting tomorrow evening about defending the right to strike from Sunak’s and the Tories’ attempts to strangle it with further legislation.

‘David. You and more than 115,000 people have now signed the petition: Protect the right to strike.

It’s an incredible response to these shocking and undemocratic laws, but we must do more.

Tomorrow night at 6pm, the TUC is hosting an online call to outline the urgent action we must take to stop this bill in it’s tracks.

MPs will be voting on these new laws in the coming weeks, and we know that many are undecided about whether they will support these laws or not. We must reach them as soon as we can. 

Can you join on Wednesday night (tomorrow!) at 6pm to hear what you can do immediately to help stop these laws? Everyone has a part to play.

Join the call: How we protect the right to strike!


Megaphone UK’

I’ve registered, and if this is important to you, perhaps you’d like to go to it too.

Email Appeal by Megaphone to Share Petition against Sunak Strike Legislation on Twitter and Facebook

January 6, 2023

After signing the petition against Rishi Sunak’s proposals to restrict the right to strike even further, I received this email from Megaphone, the internet petitioning branch of the TUC to share it on Twitter and Facebook. I am not on either these Apps, but I’m posting it here so that any of this blogs readers, who are and wish to promote it, may do so.


Thank you for signing the campaign: Protect the right to strike!.

The more people are behind an issue – the more likely it is that decision makers will pay attention. Each name that is added to a campaign takes it one step closer to succeeding.

Can you help spread the word about the campaign by sharing it with your friends and family?



ou can also share the campaign by sharing the email below.

Thanks for all that you do.’

“Dear Friends,

I just signed the campaign: Protect the right to strike!

It would mean the world to me if you could also add your name to this important issue. Every name that is added builds momentum around the campaign and makes it more likely for us to get the change we want to see.

Will you join me by taking action on this campaign?

After you’ve signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others. It’s super easy – all you need to do is forward this email.

Thank you!”