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Vox Political on Ministers Urging Voters to Remain in EU to Aid Disabled

June 20, 2016

Last Thursday Mike put up a piece commenting on an article in the Guardian, in which previous government ministers urged people to vote to remain in the EU, because of the protection and benefits it gives it gives the disabled. They stated that money from the EU had gone to support Britain’s six million carers, and help 430,000 disabled people into work. They also made the point that the single market meant that legal provisions for accessibility, access and easy, or easier travel across countries for disabled people meant that they had the same rights assisting them to travel, whether in Britain or Malaga.

Mike makes the point that the policy of the current government is to engineer the deaths of the disabled as far as possible. They are stymied to a certain extent by EU legislation which gives some minimal protection. If we left Europe, this would be removed and the work of Ian Duncan Smith in cleansing Britain of the handicapped would go on unimpeded. Given that situation, there isn’t really a choice. We have to stay in Europe.