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Meme against Trump: Don’t Vote for Him, because One Day He’ll Get Round to Imprisoning You

February 4, 2016

I found this meme against the Nazi wig-wearer of Trump Tower over on another Tumblr site, Eclectic Banana. If you want to see the original, it’s at Warning: this is another site with adult content.

It’s a variation on the old ‘first they came for…’ piece. But it’s true, nonetheless. If Trump’s elected, after he’s gone for the Muslims, the Hispanics, the journalists and Blacks, he will start going for everyone else he doesn’t like. And that’s going to be a very long list. The author of the piece is a retired Air Force Colonel, Tom Moe, according to the meme, who was a POW in Vietnam. So take the advice of someone, who lost his freedom doing what he believed to be right to defend it.

Trump Round up Meme