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The Independent on Wearing a Safety Pin to Show Support for Immigrants

June 30, 2016

I’ve put up a couple of posts today about the massive growth in racist incidents after the Brexit vote. Unfortunately, some of the Nazis lurking in British society have decided that the vote to leave the EU now means that it’s permissible and accessible to intimidate immigrants to our great nation. One of the pieces I put up was sent by Michelle, one of the commenters here, who posted a link to a pamphlet from a Peace Studies prof at Bradford University on personally challenging and standing up to racist incidents.

Joanna, one of the other commenters to this blog, has also sent in her comment on the piece, which links to an article published on Tuesday in the Independent. It’s another great piece on how people can show their support for immigrants against rising racism. An American woman in London, Allison, has started a campaign to encourage people to wear a safety pin to show their solidarity. It’s inspired by the ‘I’ll ride with you’ campaign in Australia, which was launched last year after the Sydney CafĂ© killings. Here’s the comment and the link:

hi beast have you seen this?–ZJzeRPz6kHW

She also assures us that she’s going to wear one!

Of course, to some of us of a certain, wearing safety pins as jewelry brings us back to the heady days of 1977, when the Sex Pistols were in charts scandalising everyone, and in addition to brightly coloured hair and mohicans, punks were also sporting safety pins through their noses. This was when Johnny Rotten, now John Lydon, was intoning ‘No future! No future!’ I think it’s a great idea that the safety pin has come back as a fashion item to show no future for their racists after Brexit.

Airs for Aristos and Tunes for Toffs: The Eton School Song

May 26, 2014

Eton 1
Eton 2

This is very definitely not a working class song by a very long way. It’s Carmen Etoniense, the Eton school song. The lyrics were written by A.C. Ainger and the tune by J. Barnby. The lyrics are in Latin, and run

Sonent voces omnium
liliorum florem,
digna prosequentium
laude Fundatorem!
Benefacti memores
concinamus, quails
in alumnus indoles
fuerit regalis.

Donec oras Angliae
Alma lux fovebit.
Floreat Etona!
Floreat! florebit!

Justam ludus vindicet
cum labore partem!
dulce foedus societ
cum Minerva Martem!
Sive causa gloriae
pila, sive remus,
una laus victoriae-
Matrem exornemus!

Donec oras Angliae
Alma lux fovebit,
Floreat Etona!
Floreat! Florebit!

Mores Etonensibus
traditos colamus!
traditos parentibus
posteries tradamus!
Posterique posteris,
quotquot ibunt menses,
tradant idem seculis
Carmen Etonenses.

Donec oras Angliae
Alma lux fovebit,
floreat Etona,
Floreat! florebit!


David Cameron, one of the products of Eton, now making life hell for the rest of us.

I found it in Percy C. Buck, The Oxford Song book, vol. 1 (London: OUP 1977) 34-5.

I’ve put it up in case anyone fancied doing a satirical version, just to hammer home how much these highly privileged men are running the country and exploiting the rest of us purely for their own benefit. I think a Punk version might be appropriate. How about mixing it with the Sex Pistols’ Pretty Vacant, or the Dead Kennedys’ Kill the Poor. Which is precisely what their policies are doing.

Here’s Pretty Vacant, with lyrics, which can also be seen on Derya Aydin’s Youtube channel.