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Vox Political on How the Tories Stole the Election

April 23, 2016

Mike over at Vox Political has put up several pieces on the way the Conservatives effectively stole the last election through deliberate overspending. There’s a limit on how much each candidate can spend on their campaign. The Tories got round it by sending their national battle bus to several key marginal. Mike quotes Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK as asking if this doesn’t constitute stealing the election. And shouldn’t we therefore have another one, from which the Tories are banned.

Mike’s answer is a resounding, ‘Yes’. He writes

The terrific Channel 4 News investigation continues, showing that ‘battle buses’ that visited marginal Tory constituencies were canvassing for individual candidates, not as part of a national campaign.

The number of seats gained by the Tories in this – illegal – manner exceeds that party’s majority in Parliament.

The Conservatives therefore bought the 2015 general election by illegal exceeding election expenses.

Therefore the result of the 2015 general election is not legal.

26 Tory MPs breached electoral rules in this way. The government has a slender majority of 18. They therefore stole the election, as Mike points out.

Mike has asked whether he should put up an internet petition asking for a new election to be held, from which the Tories should be banned. I agree. I think he should. I doubt that this will force the authorities to open a new election, but if enough signatures are collected, it will demonstrate that the British public isn’t taking this issue lightly, and the Tories – nor anyone else – will pull the wool over their eyes about such fraud.

Please tell Mike what you think.

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Vox Political and Tax Research: Greek Debt Excuse to Destroy Syriza

January 29, 2015

Mike has a little piece over at Vox Political commenting on a guest post over at Tax Research UK. This begins by stating that the current concerns about Greek debt

is, quite simply, a device to wreck the Syriza government as quickly as possible, and to make sure that what happens can be laid at the feet of that government, and not blamed on the ECB, IMF, EC, or any other EU country, or – and this is most important – global capital (by which I primarily mean multi-national corporations, the 1% and their agents and supporters).

The articles warn that the leaders of multinational capital are alarmed at the fact that for the first time in decades a government has been elected that has rejected Neoliberalism. They predict that over the coming three months, Greece will be subjected to increasing attack and pressure, all to undermine their new government.

The Tax Research UK article further states that the Syriza government is also uncomfortable and unwelcome to the Social Democratic parties in Europe, such as New Labour in Britain, that bought into Neoliberalism, and lobbied hard for the interests of big business, telling their supporter there was no other way.

Syriza is a threat because if it succeeds, it will embolden other, non-Neoliberal parties like the Podremos in Spain. And after strengthening them, it will then spread elsewhere in Europe, most probably first to France. The Neoliberals and their multinational corporate paymasters are on the defensive. And they will do their utmost to bring down Syriza.

Mike comments that it is to be hoped the new Greek president, Mr Tsipras, now has the strength, determination and statesmanlike qualities that so determined Britain’s Churchill in our struggle against Nazism. ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man.’

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