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Another Angry Voice on the Tories’ Response to the Death Stats: Axe the Stats

August 11, 2013

This is another important piece from the Angry Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice. Mr. Voice reports a leaked government report recording a 5 per cent increase in the death rate. Faced with such further evidence of the devastating consequences of Conservative policies on the vulnerable, the response of the Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, is in line with that of his party comrade, Ian Duncan Smith: shout loudly that the statistics should not be used to discredit government policy without further information, and then close down the collection of such statistics. It’s not just the response of a spoilt child sticking their fingers in their ears and saying ‘la la la’, when faced with a situation they don’t like. They also want to stop others hearing the stats for themselves. So we’re back to the old doctrine of killing the bearer of bad news.

The article begins

‘In August 2013 a leaked copy of a Public Health England report revealed an alarming 23,400 spike in the number of deaths per year in 2012, with the over-80s being the worst affected by this increased death rate. It hardly seems like a coincidence that just days after this damning report was leaked, Public Health England decided to announce that they will stop collecting the data.

Many people have speculated about the possible causes for this 5% spike in the death rate. Proposed contributory factors include the desperate underfunding of the NHS, (especially emergency care), cuts to local government elderly care services, a colder than normal winter and increasing levels of general poverty. Labour MPs and other opposition groups called for an inquiry in order to determine the causes of this spike in mortality rates, but the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt ignored them. Now it turns out that we won’t just not be getting an investigation into the cause of over 23,400 extra deaths, but that the collection of the specific death rate statistics will be discontinued too.

Anyone that is familiar with the machinations of the DWP under Iain Duncan Smith’s “leadership” will recognise this technique. If the official statistics show that over 10,000 people are dying, then the obvious solution to this problem is not to investigate further, it’s to just stop collecting the data!’

The full article is at Like anything the Angry One writes, it needs to be read.