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Politics Gossip Blogger Guido Fawkes at the Post Tory Fundraiser

February 18, 2015

Guido Fawkes, the politics blogger specialising in gossip, is also in this fortnight’s Private Eye. Guido, or Paul Staines, as he is also known, got into Mike’s blog over at Vox Political after he accused Owen Jones, left-wing columnist and author of Chavs, of buying ‘likes’ on Facebook, like David Cameron. In fact, as Mike pointed out, Jones had been targeted by a spambot. The whole thing stank of being a Tory set-up. Private Eye’s story today adds a bit more circumstantial evidence for this.

Last week, as 510,000 a year starved to death thanks to Tory benefit cuts, the party held a lavish fund-raising event. One of the items auctioned was a small, bronze statue of Maggie Thatcher. To show just how much obscene wealth there was there, that went for the best part of a quarter of a million. As John Lennon said at the Royal Variety Performance, ‘There’s no need to clap; just rattle your jewellery.’

Staines also attended the fundraiser, and the Eye points out that he has previous in this. Last year he apparently held a party to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his own sorry blog. Guests included a number of Tory MPs, Boris Johnson, and a video tribute by David Cameron. He also was one of the guests at another Tory fundraiser at Old Billingsgate Market. The guest list for this bun fight was kept rigorously secret, and the only member of the press invited was Staines.

Going even further back, Staines was a member of the Libertarian Alliance, as it became. This was the extreme Right-wing group that took over the youth wing of the Tory party. It stood for attacking the unions, the privatisation of just about anything not nailed down, and had extensive links with the BNP. It also invited the leaders of Central American death squads to attend its dinners, and its members also included some of those in the BNP.

These links give the lie to Fawkes’ claim that he is somehow the voice of ‘anti-politics’. He is the voice of extremely establishment politics. And with links like these, I really don’t doubt that he was also connected to those who tried to set up Owen Jones.