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Another Angry Voice: Cameron Bought Likes on Facebook

March 10, 2014

David Cameron Sunglasses

The Angry Yorkshireman over at Another Angry Voice has found himself in an awkward and embarrassing situation. In an article with the heart-rending title of Aaargh! I Just Agreed with the Daily Mail, he reveals his mental and moral agony over agreeing with that Right-wing journal over something that they’d written about David Cameron. He explains

My views on the Daily Mail are clear. It is a newspaper with a long history of promoting fascism, which is owned by a tax-dodger. It breeds ignorance, fuels hatred and supports the grotesquely unpatriotic and highly destructive ideology of neoliberalism, whilst maliciously smearing true patriots as unpatriotic.

The Daily Mail also do a nice line in hypocrisy; supporting online censorship on the pretext of “protecting children” from pornography, whilst using grotesquely sexualised language to write about the children of celebrities in their sidebar of smut.

Even despite this appalling track record they occasionally print something worthwhile, such as the occasional article from Sonia Poulton, or their article in March 2014 exposing the fact that David Cameron shelled out thousands of pounds in order to buy “likes” for his personal Facebook page.

This is truly pathetic stuff from Cameron, who is supposed to be a Prime Minister dealing with the fallout from a major economic crisis, not some pathetic C-list celebrity wasting his time buying Facebook likes.

This is indeed deeply sad, but only for Cameron. The Angry One then goes on to explain that even he, as an ordinary bloke, can get up to 38,000 likes a month on Facebook simply through his own, straightforward efforts.

All I can say about this is that it does indeed show that Cameron is a deeply insecure act. Goebbels would, however, be proud of him. The Nazis carefully stage-managed their party rallies so that even the applause from the specially planted claques in the audience was graded so as to be suitable to the points Hitler was making in his rant, so as to give the impression of overwhelming approval and support. Cameron has clearly taken this policy on board and tried to apply it to the cyber age. Well, to him it may represent, ‘stage three – maximum applause for the Fuehrer’, but to the rest of us its another sign of its desperation and totalitarian need to micromanage every public appearance in the name of propaganda. It’s sinister, but also, hilariously, deeply sad.

The article’s over at if you want to see the details of this latest sad and sorry incident.